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Travesty of The British NHS Mental Health System And Sections

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Travesty of The British NHS Mental Health System And Sections

Postby ukpsychiatric » Tue Oct 26, 2021 6:42 am

A person would be brought for mental health act assessment for no proper reason. Simply because Doctors believe that that is ok. When it is at their discretion and not necessarily with Section Terms. Someone would be brought hospital for assessment when they have their own private life however being brought for mental health assessment takes a person away from their normal life as their live it. For the simple reason of a mental health assessment that has already been done before.

Moving someone for a section is disrespectful and unreasonable especially when they already have their own daily life existence and this infringes upon a British Citizens civil freedoms.

For example a mental health and psychiatric patient that receives medication as a prescription should not be moved for a section as a quick solution for a rumoured problem. Shall a patient not even be required visit psychiatric workers in the community it would be better for arrange for them see psychiatric workers at the community as opposed for an extreme measure of a mental health section.

Moving someone from their place of residence for mental health act psychiatric measure is an insult and extreme measure and insult.

Many people in this country have mental health issues but private care for mental health is incredibly expensive so rationly someone with a mental health issue would approach the NHS for psychiatric help however this would be a horrendous mistake because unlike the non mental health sector of the NHS which is the hospitals and the
general practice every mental health patient is treated as a problem.

Although the NHS mental health section is an NHS subsidiary it is different the pyschiatrists nurses and staff think that keeping patients under section is the best way for dealing with issues of mental health however this is wrong. private mental health care specialists with better educations believe in regular appointments and give willing patients the opportunity and comfortable space for detailing their issues. NHS psychiatrists and psychiatric staff are disrespectful and ignore patients and believe sectioning patients is the right form of treatment when arranged appointments at the community would be far better.

There also examples of NHS psychiatric staff ignoring the idea of a patients medical and psychiatric health being confidential and they are careless with the confidentiality of any patients health being important.

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