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Coronavirus vaccine side effects query.

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Coronavirus vaccine side effects query.

Postby angels-army » Thu Sep 16, 2021 1:56 pm

Hi everyone,

I do hope that you are all staying safe and looking after yourselves and others..... I wish that I could say that I was also looking after myself well but it is becoming increasingly difficult, because since my second Coronavirus vaccine nearly 2 weeks ago now it is giving me nasty side effects such as: bad headaches, making me move and think slowly so whatever I do it takes me twice as long to bloody do it!

Making me think very negatively, continuously having a go at myself, 2x magnified anxiety and depression due to still being deliberately bullied, harassed, neglected and abused by my family, feeling threatened, feeling like a prisoner, on a knifes edge so to speak and I have also been getting horrible flashbacks when it comes to my unreported mental and physical child abuse by my disowned father which started from the age of just: 6 to the age of 14 years old (when I decided to live with my mother’s parents); on top of this I am also having to deal with being diagnosed with Asthma which is a type of lung disease since: 2020 (during the very first UK Coronavirus Lockdown, that was bad timing!).

So I was wondering if any of you have had these types of side effects from your Covid-19 vaccine?, how long they lasted for? and how you dealt with them?

Take care and stay safe everyone.

All the very best,


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