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Identity proven or not?

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Identity proven or not?

Postby becomeasapac » Wed Dec 18, 2019 5:59 pm

A person offers help
They say they are mental

Health nurses are elemental
Dear Watson

Watson telly
Might be an-better option

When whats-on offer
Appears not, though promises would

To trust or not to trust that is the question
People I know will not get a mention

I'll be writing this till I draw my pension
I say goodbye now
With just
A little

But better off for having spilled the beans
Something of what something means
to me
to me

To me
To me
To me

Is this question?

Sorry I forgot to mention

I'm not a mental health nurse
Promising invention
Of something helpful

So then
Read the post
I'm a mental health nurse
To under-stand
My pretension... ;)

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