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For a cuppa - and a chat...
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Re: Cooking for Comfort

Postby betterinrecovery » Tue Feb 19, 2019 4:43 pm

Dear Masi and Chris,
But where are you?
When we last spoke storm Erik was blowing.

I have found a possible solution to the going swimming and getting cold ... A nice knitted wrap, with a cabled design. I have been working on cable knitting blankets...I use a pencil rather than a cable needle to carry the stitches.
I have made several wraps and have given them away, so it would be nice to make one to keep.
Will probably use several strands of Aran yarn together to make it knit up more quickly.

I have been a girl about town and in the local hospital ..I hurt my knee and had to go for an X-ray ,so sat there knitting and chatting to some very interesting people. I now have a knee brace.

So this is my news. Very bad mental health over weekend ...trigger, feeling like i am outsider. Feeling excluded rather than included. In the longer term we could move away, in the short term just have to protect myself as best as I am able and keep myself occupied.

Re..the split peas, I have found a recipie for vegetable pie that uses them.

Best wishes

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Re: Cooking for Comfort

Postby betterinrecovery » Fri Feb 22, 2019 9:52 am

Dear Maisi and Chris,
I have the Tv on in the fore ground while I write this. I sometimes catch 'Everybody Loves Raymond',
a the end of each episode there is a clip with a different prepared plate of food, I wonder if they ever did put a recipe book together from those recipes, some look really nice.
I sometimes wonder what is actually is on the plate.

Chris, how is the project of no/low sugar going?

Maisi, I saw your post on a different thread. I am not sure that you should worry about being over exposed. There is a problem of vulnerability with this being an open Forum, but there in, I think also lies a strength and safety as abusive people tend to like closed Forums. Exploitative messages seem to be easily spotted on the open Forum.
The Forum of course is supportive and for sharing the difficulties of living with a mental health challenge, it can't take the place of a specialised support group or therapy group though.
I think using a pseudonym and making subtle changes in place names and occupation can be helpful in keeping a person safe. :idea:
Personally, I think it can be good for me to be honest about my challenges and triumphs. Reading other your posts and those of other people have been invaluable to me, thank you for your posts and for your friendship.
I may copy a bit of this reply to your thread.
Best wishes

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Re: Cooking for Comfort

Postby betterinrecovery » Fri Feb 22, 2019 10:18 am

RE:Levi Roots and Ansley Harriott
I am just getting into Caribbean cooking, it is new to me – they seem have more variety in cakes and such than what we have in the area that my parents are from.
I know a Caribbean lady and I am amazed and what she comes up with.
The cakes made with potatoes and sweet potatoes are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

I have been on the BBC I-player and I see that they have the Levi roots cooking programmes available for a year.
Caribbean food made easy – on the page it says “Caribbean cookery series in which passionate food enthusiast Levi Roots travels around Jamaica and across the UK showing how to bring sunshine flavours to your kitchen.”

All I know is that I could do with a bit of sunshine just now….I have been watching England v the Windies on TV (cricket) for this reason.
Quick meal- have made a sort of bolognaise type sauce using corned beef ( tuna works too).
Will cook some brown rice to go with it.
Just thinking, it has been a while since we had a proper curry. Like a bhuna or a rogan josh.
Best Wishes
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Re: Cooking for Comfort

Postby christabel » Sat Feb 23, 2019 9:09 pm

Hi b

I will have a look for the programmes you have mentioned. Like recipes but not with too many ingredients.

The healthy eating bit is going well. Have been making soups. Today's was minestrone and the other day Mexican bean soup. Very tasty. Have a turkey casserole made for tomorrow's dinner so winner,winner Turkey dinner. :oops:

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Re: Cooking for Comfort

Postby christabel » Sat Feb 23, 2019 9:28 pm

Saw from a few days ago that you have hurt your knee b.I hope you are not suffering too much and it heals quickly.

We can't predict when our MH will plummet, we just need to realise it does and that we will come out of it again. Sooner than later preferably. Be kind to your self and you are right to occupy yourself with something you like to do.

I wasn't able to participate much on here lately. When I did log on and saw all the new members I felt overwhelmed. You would have thought there would have been someone from sane stepping in especially when so many people needed help. Makes you feel awful that you can't reply to everyone at times. Everyone seems to hit a low at the same time on here and it goes quiet.

It sounded so nice your quiet knitting in the sunshine. It is good to appreciate nature and the simple things.
I just said how clever my hubby was planting the daffodils so they all faced the same way when they are flowering. How does that happen? Nature is wonderful.

Hope to hear from you soon. Chris xx

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Re: Cooking for Comfort

Postby maisi » Sat Feb 23, 2019 10:16 pm

Hi Chris and B,

Yeah my daffodils all pointedly faced next door's garden last year. I saw a large bird of prey over a carpark today, really unusual one- forked tail, pale marked underwings, checking my book can't see it could be anything other than a black kite, but v surprised.

You both are doing some interesting cooking and thinking, sounds like you've also had some challenges, I hope it's at the manageable end of the scale, and Spring's doing you both some good. Think I probably have cooked some decent meals, did banana bread with my daughter last week, turned out well and she was happy to be baking. Thanks for both your messages on the other thread, it's really good to be able to converse with wise and supportive people. It's nothing spectacular round here, just bumping along, with bumps.


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Re: Cooking for Comfort

Postby betterinrecovery » Mon Feb 25, 2019 9:59 am

Dear Maisi and Chris and all reading this,
What a marvellously bright morning weather wise to day in this bit of the UK :D
However, like with many mornings I am really struggling to get going.

I am continually inventing reasons to get up and go out. Sometimes I feel really awful. :? but some of the ruses I devise to trick myself into engaging with the day are fun.
Knitting is helping - I have had a go at a teddy bear. the head arms and legs look ok at this stage, but not enough of the same yarn for the tummy, I tried a lighter colour but it doesn't look right :?
Never made a teddy before.

Re the daffs. Are they like sun flowers, do they face the sun, follow the sun?
Re the turkey dinner, I have heard that turkey has tryptophan which is very good for helping to create serotonin in the brain.

Re birds of prey. sometimes we see birds of prey hovering over the motor way, I guess when they are over the tarmac it is easier for them to spot their prey.
In Africa I regularly saw a pair of sea eagles, over the compound. They had a nest close by. I think I might have taken some pictures.. will have to look them up on the hard drive.
That will be something nice to do.

Re the banana bread.
funnily enough, I brought some ripened bananas with a view to making banana bread, so snap.
I am using the bbc recipe donated by John Barrowman.

Dear Maisi,
keep bumping along with the rest of us ... I will join you with bumping,

Dear Chris
I know, it is so hard reading about peoples difficulties. For me life can be so exhausting... I like to help when I can, but I feel I need to leave space for other people, for their insight and perspectives too. Like you say, sometimes the forum is very quiet and people deal with their lives and challenges.
It is nice to come here and chat. It is nice that we laugh and share nice things.

p.s. I would like to know which way my daffodils would be facing if I had planted them but they are still in the sack from last year. :lol:
A classmate planted her daffodils in feb one year and they still grew and flowered. :?

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Re: Cooking for Comfort

Postby christabel » Thu Feb 28, 2019 8:12 pm

Hi all

So good to hear from you. Been eventful here so not had much time to myself. Bit of an accident the other day but luckily all ok and could have been much worse.

Would you believe had a weigh in few days ago and 7lb off. Making my meal from scratch and sensibly is definitely working.
Spicy Moroccan soup today for lunch and Turkey, veg and roasties that I made in my airfrier for my dinner.
You are right about Turkey b. That's I why I am eating more. Very low fat plus it is supposes to help with sleep.

Lettuce is good. Natural tranquilizer. I think you would have to eat a bucket full to be strong enough. Unfortunately having had quite a few back teeth out makes lettuce hard for me to chomp.

I've seen a recipe for banana pancakes made with just banana and eggs. I will have a try and get back to you on that.
Pizza made with tortilla wrap too. Oh and that deep omelette thing, I forget the name. Full of veggies and some cheese.

Something has obviously clicked in my head because I've eaten nothing but rubbish for ages. Make the most of it while it lasts.

I love to hear about the wild life you've seen. A dolphin was spotted just up the coast a little way the other day. They usually appear during the summer months following the shoals of mackerel but the fine weather brought one early. I would love to see them but our sea watch has always been fruitless.

Last year a couple of dear appeared in our local woods. We wondered why my daughter's dogs were acting strangely. They obviously could smell them. Don't know if they are still there as we did not broadcast it.

Sorry if I've prattled on. Have the trees sprung into life where you are yet? I don't think it is long off here. I think I'm further north so we are always a little behind..( well my behind is getting littler)

Have you attempted any gardening yet? Mmmmm tomato chutney.
Are you trying the allotment maisi?

Sending best wishes. X Chris

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Re: Cooking for Comfort

Postby betterinrecovery » Sat Mar 02, 2019 8:41 am

Hello to yo Chris,
thank you for the nice letter,
will be back in due course with a reply,
Hello to you maisi.
Best wishes

The garden is about to get a shock...I will do a bit of digging :roll:

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Re: Cooking for Comfort

Postby betterinrecovery » Sun Mar 03, 2019 9:46 am

Dear Chris and Maisi,
What I mean is that ...I will eventually, at some time, when I am ready, (and brave), have a dig in the garden :lol:
My excuse is that there is a lot to do in the house and I also have a sore knee and a sore head (the depression) :roll:

Now to be sensible,
I like turkey, like you say it is good, lean meat. I do take a supplement that contains lettuce extract....I could eat a kg of lettuce each night though, that would solve my 5 a day problem.
Then I would feel sleepy from the lettuce (good), but would be up all night weeing from the water in the lettuce. :roll:

I wish to announce that I will not be making any chutney in the foreseeable. :cry:

Chris, is an air fryer good at doing chips?

is the omelette a frittata?

I am on the biscuits and the make in the microwave chocolate cake - not advisable.
I also have had a UTI not nice....sends me around the bend (apologies as not good mental health speak). Not my usual self and having to take antibiotics.

It is a new week, a new start, so will try and reprogram what I am eating,
and of course....forgive myself for this last weeks misdemeanours.

Oranges good...chocolate biscuits bad...Oranges good........ chocolate biscuits bad.
Chocolate orange bad also.

Best wishes B

will look out for wild life and report back.

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