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suicidal best friend

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suicidal best friend

Postby soph1 » Fri Mar 12, 2021 1:29 am


i’m currently in sixth form along with my best friend. we both struggle greatly with mental health and found out about each other’s situations around the beginning of lockdown (march/april 2020). today she told me that she doesn’t want to live anymore and is suicidal. i wasn’t ‘surprised’ mainly because she’s been self harming for a long time now, she has a counsellor too but will have random relapses. i am unsure of what to do or how to help as i myself am struggling with depression and have experienced all these thoughts she’s been having too, i used to self harm too and still have the thought that i wouldn’t mind not waking up the next day. it’s hard to give advice to her when she reaches out because i somehow understand her and feel the same way (she knows this). i’m doing my best to support her and just show that i’m there however i’m worried she will do something soon or continue to self harm (it’s getting really bad). we’re both in really bad situations and having each other is great but realistically neither of us can support on another properly. what should i do ?

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