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just looking for support please

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just looking for support please

Postby penguin284 » Fri Jan 01, 2021 4:31 am

I wish you well,
I have a series of mental health problems that i do not know how to overcome and need advice without having to pay crazy professional fees.
I was abused as a child, not a big deal as quite a lot of people were, i never approached anyone about it. Then in 2016 i was brutally raped and strangled and beat up. I survived and my old man attacker is now in jail for 10 yeas. I have a bit of survivors guilt that i feel bad my attacker is in jail for 10 years and also the combination that i want him to die in prison and not hurt anyone else.
I still suffer daily from memories of the attack, i also get jumpy and my heart rate rises when people get in my personal space or show up in a space that would normally be normal.
I am on trazodone to help me sleep but still get nightmares of not being able to phone 999 like in the attack.
Sorry i know thats alot but can anyone help?

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Re: just looking for support please

Postby heretochat » Fri Jan 01, 2021 3:28 pm

Hello penguin284

Sorry to hear what you have been through, it's good you have posted on here and are seeking support.
Being abused as a child is a big deal and must have been a very difficult thing to go through and then to have gone through so much in 2016 as well. You shouldn't feel any guilt at all about your attacker being in jail, that's where he belongs.
I hope things can get better for you and if it helps you to talk then I'd always be happy to chat with you. Take care of yourself and hopefully have a better new year

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