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Posted: Tue Feb 25, 2020 2:09 am
by myheadspacerace
Green as green was the grass he saw,
Blue was the sky, so blue, so blue,
The hills inviting, the valleys delighting,

One day far away, in mind and underfoot,
Nothing was wanted to be understood,
The shades of promise, swiftly taken away,

The clocks they change, they never stop,
But somehow I have found my rock,
and now I see, more of me,

So, off I go into this adventure,
with packed bags and kind farewells,
And now knowing these rocks do care,

A turnaround for me is slow,
And I know the winds will still blow,
The lightning sharp on senses,

set sail will I, with map in hand,
This journey I did not plan,
On my two feet I hope to stand.

But knowing that gems brighten up my life,
That helps me through the toils and strife,
And I know that try must I,
For this life that I have been given.