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Coming off Quetiapine 25mg

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Coming off Quetiapine 25mg

Postby quetiapineman » Fri Jun 18, 2021 9:44 am

Initially prescribed Quetiapine about 4 years ago due to some outbursts I was having (told it was Cyclathymia, a low level bipolar, also diagnosed with BPD) previous history of depression and anxiety. Initially at 50mg, reduced right down to 25mg. I'm about as stable as I can be, sometimes struggle, but doing well holding down job, relationships, nothing too far from the spectrum of normal (for me I guess). Due to being on such a low dose, is there any point in me continuing to take this? Does 25mg have any effect bearing in mind I've been taking this about 4 years and on 25mg for about 2 years? Considering coming off it but worried there will be withdrawals/side effects, especially where my sleep is concerned as it's done wonders for that

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