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Posted: Sat May 01, 2021 7:00 pm
by miamimitch86
Hello there. I'm looking for some guidance in regards to how I can go about being seen about my mental health I'm pretty sure I suffer with bipolar. I've never been diagnosed with anything but I have seen psychologist and therapist in my younger life but I always thought if I told them the truth about stuff I'd be locked away. I'm pretty sure I have adhd ocd and also ptsd from childhood trauma. I've tried speaking to my doctor but it's embarrassing and where do u even start the conversation? I'm at a pont nw where I'm willing to accept that I'm mentally unwell and I just want help I'm sick of constantly ruining my life n others around me I'm sick of annoying and hurting everyone with my ridiculous mood swings I'm sick of putting myself though hell mentally and emotionally for trivial little things I'm just sick of everything right nw