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Autism diagnosis denied and fobbed off back to psychiatric who refused me before...

Posted: Sat Apr 24, 2021 7:19 pm
by tarknassus
So yesterday I received a letter from the Autism Assessment unit, thank you for the information, blah blah blah. "The information you submitted is not reflective of autism."

It goes on to say that this is not definitive but because I've had a history of mental health issues they recommend assessment by "other professionals". And they have the cheek to say "Should they consider autism is a possibility we will revisit undertaking a full autism assessment".

Sorry, but what? Basically I've just been fobbed off back to psychiatric services (more on that in a bit) and if they turn round and say it's autism, then they'll assess me?

Anyway, psychiatric services are a joke too. I've already been through their assessment (back in 2018), and because I was able to manage my depression, as well as other odd factors, I didn't score highly enough to warrant any assessment for longer term treatment.

It's taken two years to get this out of our assessment service - I started back in 2019 and it was pretty much a last resort for me. I can't afford private stuff and just feel like I'm being bounced around different departments with a "not doing anything with that" attitude. I'm tired of it. Tired of fighting, having to figure all this stuff out by myself because I don't have people who either understand or who have gone through this process.

There's part of me that just wants to know what's going on in my messed up head, that I'm not imagining things, that I can point to something and then I can move forward with managing it. I've already made changes to my life with regards to autism and management, from the weighted blankets, "my" own favourite cutlery etc, my work schedule is on a board to help manage my time better. All these things I've done to manage as a possible autistic - as well as noting it all for the autism assessment service and yet I still received a letter saying none of it fitted their criteria?

I'll of course be in touch with my GP - he's been super with all of this, keeping things rolling, pushing on my behalf. I don't know what his reaction will be - but he certainly knows what I've been through, dealing with my breakdown last year and helping me with some good medication.

I've got no mental or emotional energy for anything else today and I’ve slipped completely downhill mentally. Not even my meds are helping with this episode. All because of that stupid letter.

Anyway, that's an update of my mental health right now. Metaphorically being stamped on.

Re: Autism diagnosis denied and fobbed off back to psychiatric who refused me before...

Posted: Sun Apr 25, 2021 10:51 am
by ooby
I first saw a pdoc in late 1973. I have had various dxes that fall within a 'psychosis spectrum' since 1975. After a short while I felt there was more going on than that. I had no idea what it could be though.

Around the turn of the century I came across 'non-verbal learning' disorder online that then led me to 'autism'. Both made sense. I tried quite few times to raise the issue with my nurses at my previous MH trust and was continually ignored, apart from one time.

That one time lead to an extra appointment with a pdoc who asked totally irrelevant questions , got stroppy, and stopped the conversation. I was a patient with that trust 1975-1984,1988-2017.

In 2017 I moved to Wiltshire and came under a different MH trust . During my 1st appointment in Oct 2018 I mentioned autism and my s/dau who was with me, and has worked with people who are autistic,backed me up. The pdoc asked questions at the end of which he said that the likely best fits were ASD and schizophrenia.

2 weeks later I received a referral letter for a 1st appointment in Feb 2019 to be assessed by the autism diagnostic service . In May 2019 I was diagnosed,at the age of 62,with Asperger's syndrome.

Sadly it's very much a post code lottery as to the response you get if you have a prior history of (serious) mental health problems and mention autism.

Getting a dx at the age of 62 was bittersweet. Bitter because the damage done by poor support can't be reversed. Sweet because I'd been proven right. Like a lot of people who later get dxed with autism I had been regarded in a very negative and judgemental way by MH workers

I hope you can get the help you need sooner rather than later.