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Postby toothless » Sat Dec 26, 2020 7:23 am

I stopped needing mental health support as soon as i came of medication; i have got tangled up with people who were friends and and im not related to. Every one has been taking the micky until i was really stressed out. My computer has stopped working i cant access any of my stuff. Some idiot been to my natural family and not given a toss about me. Or had any idea that noone knew i existed. So I'm really very gutted. I hate where i live. Im so unhappy here. Especially now that I have found that out. Its done so much damage to my mental health please get me moved to a place where I feel safe. This is no longer home anymore. People have got no idea of how I felt. It had changed so I'm really very angry. I have never been so unhappy in all my life. Its done more damage to my self esteem than being bullied at school. I was trying to build a portfolio to apply to do a Masters and break the cptsd loop that got triggered. I broke the loop 3times doing the creative stuff. And people here kept pushing stuff that they really didn't understand. Im going to assume that i was never going to be able to afford to study in Londo; that was the tne ultimate dream i relly on auto correct. For spelling. I have got mixed up with people who are serious geeks. So my notebooks have been taken. Wellies have been taken i brought new tools for the allotment which i never been back to because got a hard time leaving the house. I got no way of ac :twisted: cessing the gopro footage so I'm really very gutted . It stopped me from breaking down again. Im so hated where i live . So I was going to spend Christmas day working from a photos and I can't get it on my computer so I ended up self harming. I can't manage my mental health in a really healthy manner.. my knitting has been ripped off the comput :shock: er i take the photos so I can explain to people what I have been doing its really very important that I have access to this to apply to do any course. Or to show my work i was so proud of the photos i took so I'm really very depressed. Im being robbed. People have got no idea of how i managed my mental health so I'm really very upset

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Re: Arg

Postby minniemoo » Sat Dec 26, 2020 11:49 am

Hey have you contacted Samaritans? You deserve to feel safe where you live. Really hoping you get support to get into a better situation. You are strong enough to have overcome a lot in the past by the sounds of it and when you are doing things that help you cope you are able to manage things much better. Hoping you get some help to get out this situation. Perhaps social services can find you a new place? What sort of place are you in now?

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