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Showing Signs of Bipolar Disorder

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Showing Signs of Bipolar Disorder

Postby darkana1999 » Thu Oct 01, 2020 5:31 pm

Hey Everyone.

I'm starting to feel concerned that I could be Bipolar.
When I have a creative streak, I can not sleep for 3 days because all I want to do is use the outlet I have to create things. But just as quickly I can come crashing back down and sleep for 48 straight hours.
I'm angry a lot of the time for apparently nothing and it only takes one small thing for me to flip my lid.
I just feel like I'm constantly up and down with no telling what I'm going to do next. I get urges to spend all the money I have in one go because I can. I get urges to try something stupid like jumping infront of a car to see how badly it would damage me.
Just a month or two ago I spent the last of my money on a tattoo. Everyone was so angry at me for it but I didn't care until about a week later when I realised the consequences.

I'm going to call my GP tomorrow so hopefully I can get on the right track to seeing if I do end up with a diagnosis because I've only ever been told it's Depression. I'm noticing that it's not just being sad all the time though, there's a lot more to it and I just need someone to tell me that it's not just me. There must be something up because I feel out of control sometimes.

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Re: Showing Signs of Bipolar Disorder

Postby t4ym » Sat May 08, 2021 9:50 pm

It's really painful to accept the fact when no body is there to listen you. Someone has written a very good info about bipolar disorder. I just read that and would like to share with other. The bipolar disorder is really something that must be understood.

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