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Car,storage mart, driving,transport

Posted: Mon Apr 06, 2020 4:05 pm
by michaelbezos
I have items in storage mart without the law to open as I need to pay 49 pound. Moreover I am located in town a approximately 30-40 minutes by car and much longer t han train as I need to walk 20 min to train station after walk 30-1 hour to the storage mart pack the items walk again 30min-1 hour wait for train and after again walk 20-30 min to homeplace. All in all makes journey really long that's why again I want to buy car as is to so useful, practical, time saving, efficient and like they say more than welcome to have.

Problem is that I plan to drive this without insurance as I am poor and try to save money as I already lost 2 cars due to driving withouth insurance. Last time I drove 2 months withouth catch as finally I got catch as I will try to avoid this mistake.

It is confusing, making angry as the items from storage mart are worth to look it as If I postpone paying for it they will go to auction.

Car is very useful in many scenarios not mentioning of having more jobs and pleasant to drive but withouth insurance is risky as police makes checks sometimes.

I am going to see car now but without car life is difficult as walking from place to place is really tiring.

Please help with wise advices as I need to decide quite quickly before my items go for auction.

Much love:>
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Re: Car,storage mart, driving,transport

Posted: Tue Apr 07, 2020 8:22 am
by so sad
Please do not drive without insurance - not only is it illegal but its not fair on other drivers if you have an accident and its your fault.

Re: Car,storage mart, driving,transport

Posted: Wed Apr 08, 2020 5:48 pm
by michaelbezos
Hi guys postponing payment for storage mart which is no good as can finish in having penalty.This virus discourages pushes to stay at home but sooner or later I would have no choise as I plan to transport items from storage mart to empty building or caravan and do not pay monthly for storage due to not having work for some time.

It discourages as having nice it oriented, safe life at Travelodge hotel.This coronavirus changes life, development, expenditures, wallet quantity and worst is there is no answer when it ends beside 2-8 months rumours says. It pushes also to make own researches about this illness and vaccine.

Please motivate to go t ostorage mart as postponing it is no good for wallet, wellbeing, safety but I do this like masachoist.

Please motivcate.

Re: Car,storage mart, driving,transport

Posted: Thu Apr 09, 2020 7:31 am
by michaelbezos
It is so discouraging to go to town A with car withouth insurance pay for storage move staff to car and after move to empty building or caravan. This coronavirus pushes to stay at home as all marketing at websites and roads with banners pushes to stay at home at this time and I think it is wise and reasonable.

Moreover as my memory comes in storage is dirty traveelling bag,car sit, free books,spare clothes so all value could be lestt than 49 pound or equal but it is worth to recover this item as they are still possessions and I can try to sell them at internet or keep at empty building or in last time caravan.

As discouraging, risky but I think I will do it now or very soon.

I hoped to receive some support, motivation.

Re: Car,storage mart, driving,transport

Posted: Thu Apr 09, 2020 4:14 pm
by michaelbezos
/Big problems it caused as gearbox,clutch broken at the ke during ride from city a to my home. I took most important bagages from car and went to train station coming back to home but it was so annoying much,

Virus changed life disorganized as most ,about 70 percent shops, citizens advice bureau, councelling is sclosed so to make better decision I look for support here as I have some ideas but what is very frustrating my notebook is not the best and first changing costful by virus is :
I cant repair my notebook as most shops are closed so too replace screen I can do by myself, learn new item or buy new notebook from internet as most shops are closed.

Moreover I will write more about the recovery of car or repairing it as it is challenging and costful incident as well.

Please help make good decision.

Re: Car,storage mart, driving,transport

Posted: Sun Jul 19, 2020 2:01 pm
by prycejosh1987
What about considering public transport.