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Not wanting to live.... but not wanting to die.

For sharing your experiences and feelings about mental illness
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so sad
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Re: Not wanting to live.... but not wanting to die.

Postby so sad » Wed Apr 21, 2021 11:20 am

Hi Em

Great to hear from you - I was worried.

How are things with work and the boyfriend?

Things with my partner are getting worse.

A couple of days after her outburst, after being all content and happy, she said that she felt a whole lot better since she said it all. I was livid - she'd gotten it off her chest and wanted to carry on like she'd never said it. I can't move on like that. Did she mean it? I think so.

Since then, things are deteriorating again. She is rude, verbally aggressive and says things to me that she knows will upset me. If it wasn't for the house and the debt I would be left with, I would be suggesting we go our separate ways but its just not that straight forward.

I don't think she does love me, I am just a convenience until my mental health pisses her off (sorry) then she thinks she can say what she wants, how she wants.

I'm off this afternoon to go for a walk with my GP friend. I'll see what she says. When I've spoken to my care co and psychologist, they've both said I should look at splitting up with her. Like I said, its not that easy.

I really hope you're OK.


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Re: Not wanting to live.... but not wanting to die.

Postby caro » Sat Apr 24, 2021 1:58 pm

Littleem, thank you for acknowledging me xx

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