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Hello newbie here

If you're new and want to say hello...
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Hello newbie here

Postby julie75 » Fri Oct 29, 2021 3:21 pm

Hi everyone
I am married and I have a daughter and two little grandchildren.
My daughter is from my first marriage
My husband is my carer as 12 years I got a bad infection and it left me with physical health issues as well as mental health issues. before that I was physically fit.
I suffer with low esteem, anxiety and I am anxious and worry a lot but before covid I was managing better and had counselling,
Since covid I have hardly been out, I lost my confidence in driving, I hardly go out, my husband does our shopping, but the loss of confidence and seeing anyone is getting worse,I am struggling, my husband is amazing but he suffers from depression but does his best.
I just wondered if anyone is similar, I was told to shield last year,we are both 62.
We have had both jabs and Wednesday and Thursday I was in A&E.
I feel it’s only me and my husband who are like this and everyone else is getting on with life.

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Re: Hello newbie here

Postby lewis21 » Mon Nov 22, 2021 12:23 pm

Hi I'm new today . I completely understand what your going through . I'm at home all day due to ill health and it's so isolating. My husband works so I just spend my days stuck in my own head . That has started to causes extreme anxiety and feelings of low self esteem, panic attacks and just generally feeling like everyone hates me . I'm not getting counselling till January. It's a slight help knowing I'm not the only one and speaking to people who understand. I wish you all the best

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