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Advice please

Postby sjh66 » Fri Jul 16, 2021 2:03 pm

Hi there,

This is a heartfelt plea begging those of you who have more experience than me for advice.

My daughter has been exhibiting every extreme form of schizophrenia you can imagine:
Hearing voices, seeing things, feeling things, smelling and tasting things. Believing there are angels, demons and Gods inside her. Thinking her family and total strangers are trying to kill her. Inserting strange words into written sentences. Seeing our faces split into separate pieces. Seeing her own limbs fragmenting and trailing when she moves them.

I could go on … it is relentless. She is suffering and it is getting worse and worse and worse. She is suicidal and keeps trying to strangle herself.

Meanwhile she has been ‘treated’ by CAMHS for the past 3 years who claim this is PTSD. My GP refuses to prescribe anything without CAMHS approval.

She is on Sertraline only for 'anxiety' which clearly is not working.

The reason they say this is PTSD is because that my daughter is still ‘lucid’ and able to talk about her condition and ‘knows' she is hallucinating.

But the fact is that she does not know when it is happening. My feeling is that she is kind of being taught by her therapist to know these are hallucinations and is just repeating phrases such as: ‘I think it’s my past trauma coming out as hallucinations’ when she is assessed.

I feel with every bone in my body this is schizophrenia (my aunt had it) but every time I bring up an issue such as her hearing bombs in her head, or wanting to kill us, they keep insisting this is PTSD.

Therefore they are refusing to give my daughter anti-psychotic medication as she is “not psychotic’.

They are psychiatrists and ‘experts so I am expected to just believe them just because they say it is so. But my gut is telling me she has schizophrenia as she is hallucinating now pretty much all day long and has gone from bad to worse under their care.

I dont expect anyone to give definitive medical 'advice', but you must have a ‘hunch’ on this. Am I just being a neurotic mother? Could they be right that this is 'just' PTSD?

Or have you heard or experienced anything like this before? In which case, I need to keep going looking for help, perhaps paying privately for another opinion on this.

This is a heartfelt plea: please help.

I just need to know whether to give up or whether to keep fighting on her behalf.

She is suicidal and suffering so much and I worry I will lose her if no-one helps.

Thank you so much for your time.

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