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Looking for advice

Postby brx88 » Tue Jul 13, 2021 5:57 pm

Hello all, I have just come across this forum form a google search and am hoping someone can help. My Mum suffered from depression about 20-25 years ago. She was prescribed antidepressants at the time and stayed on them up until about 6 months ago. At this time, she visited the Dr mentioning that she seemed to have been so good for so long did she still need to be taking them. The Dr lowered her dose and that’s when it all started to go wrong. She fell back into a deep depression and went back to the Dr. The Dr then upped her dose back up again but to no effect. The next step she tried different Antidepressants which again had no effect. The most recent change in tablets seemed to improve things for a couple of weeks but then it happened again. The Dr then upped the dose of the latest tablets which again seemed to improve things but it always seems to be a continuous cycle of ups and downs. She had a good couple of weeks up but fell back into depression late last week. This coincided with us taking her away on holiday to Devon where we currently are for the week. Today has been particularly bad for her. She puts on a brave face for our kids (her grandkids) but she is really suffering. The Dr who was looking after her has recently retired and it’s like she has given up all hope. It’s heartbreaking to see her this way, she completely unmotivated to do anything which os completely the opposite to how she normally is. The ADs just don’t seem to be having any effect. Are there any alternative ideas that anyone can suggest - therapy, hypnosis, etc, etc. We’re all at a loss as to what to do next or who to turn to for help for her. If anyone has any advice or suggestions it would be great. I should add, when she gets these periods of depression, she suffers from profuse sweating. She has recently had blood test to identify any issues but all came back normal. Many thanks in advance.

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