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Advice needed before i implode

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Advice needed before i implode

Postby adamsk » Fri Jul 10, 2020 5:03 pm

Hi im 34 and i care for my daughter who is 13,i live with her at my exs family house because it was a condition of me having custody but with this lockdown i am currently living with my partner of 11 years and our children,when im over at the other place i feel horrible but stay because of my daughter shes basically been brainwashed to stay there and i have been threatened a few times that i cant take her anywhere,the mother of my ex says abusive things about me and recently posted on fb that i up and left my child and basically told everyone im this and that shes always had bad things to say and it made me feel so sad she put me down then made it into a joke most things i cannot repeat,my question is does this count as emotional abuse? i also suffer from depression and bad nerves and find it hard to stand up to anyone,i want to just live where i am now and have my daughter come when ever she wants to see her sisters but i think this will make it worse and i will get yet more this right or normal?

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Re: Advice needed before i implode

Postby dno.9 » Sun Jul 12, 2020 5:59 pm

Hi this sounds such a sad situation for you, and yes it’s definite abuse !!! You have to try and stand up for yourself try and find some help fighting the battle with the Abusive mother In law it’s disgusting and she is the one that should be ousted in front of everyone for them to see what a vile person she is.
Good luck x friend

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