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Postby jjh » Mon Apr 23, 2018 1:40 am


I am very depressed but antidepressants make me extremely anxious. I've been on them since I was 20ish until a few years ago. The reason I stopped taking them was because of the anxiety side effects but I can't do without them. The last six or so months I have been on Citalopram and the depression''s improved but the anxiety got so bad I've had to come down from 20ml to 5ml (half of lowest dose). This has reduced my anxiety to its normal levels again but my depression is to the point where I'm just in tears sometimes and have no motivation at all. My gp is horrible but my anxiety and lack of motivation is preventing me from changing doctors in case I get rude receptionist (rudeness is a trigger for my mental health) and another horrible doctor.

I used to be OK on the smallest dose of venlafaxine until I moved to a village where I was bullied for being an outsider. Then the dose was put up and the anxiety started. A couple of years ago I was put on Mirt.... something or other, which is in the same group of antidepressants but had bad anxiety with that but I only gave that one approx 4/5 weeks so maybe not long enough. I've tried others but can't remember the names. I had heard GPs aren't allowed to prescribe venlafaxine any more because it causes high blood pressure and I don't want to go to the mental health team to get it off of them.

So I'm at a loss on what it do. But I can't continue like this.

Does anyone know of an antidepressant (or suppliment) that doesn't cause anxiety at all? Or any other way of reducing this depression (nervous of going outside so walking is off. Lack of motivation and hernia preventing exercise). Already taking vitamin D and trying to top up iron as it's low.

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Re: Antidepressants

Postby mihaela » Mon Apr 23, 2018 3:47 am

Hello jjh and welcome!

I'm afraid I can't help you, but I do understand your predicament. I also suffer from depression and anxiety due to autism (only recently diagnosed).

jjh wrote:My gp is horrible but my anxiety and lack of motivation is preventing me from changing doctors in case I get rude receptionist (rudeness is a trigger for my mental health) and another horrible doctor.

I have a similar problem. There are too many horrible doctors about, and it's got to the point where I'm too anxious to even walk past the surgery. I think I need to see my GP for other reasons but I daren't go. Rudeness is a very big trigger for me too. I've also suffered a lot of bullying by all kinds of people, which makes me afraid of meeting people so I spent most of my time alone. This is due to being misunderstood because I'm 'different' - not like them.

I hope someone else here is able to help you.

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Re: Antidepressants

Postby betterinrecovery » Mon Apr 23, 2018 10:51 pm

HI there!
Welcome to here.
I think I can understand what you are talking about.
I have been taking Venlafaxine for over 10 years, I am just weaning my self off of it (horrible and distressing experience but it is no longer as effective for me as it was when I started taking it).
I have also met some disturbingly poor mental health practitioners.
However, I have also been treated by some excellent psychiatrists and mental health workers.

it is true, these med do have the side effect of hightend anxiety. I dealt with it by taking the herbal remedy Kalms. it seemed to dampen down the anxiety. I let my g.p. know what I was taking and they did not seem to have a problem with it.
Camomile tea is also a great help for me. I leave the tea bag in and drink it stron with a tea-spoon of honey.
Lavender oil can also have a calming effect.
Grapefruit oil can help if I am feeling unmotivated, these are remedies that have helped me over the last 15 years. Lavender oil is about £3.00 at Asda, a little more at Boots, and of course Holland and Barrett does a good range.
Grapefruit oil - I go to Holland and Barrett for that.
There are other aromatherapy oils that can help - you would need to research them.

Aromatherapy message, Shiatsu massage, and other alternative remedies can help too.
it helps if you check with your local MIND chapter, sometimes they provide alternative remedies such as indian head massage.

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Re: Antidepressants

Postby capitalt » Fri Apr 27, 2018 4:50 pm

In my experience it can take a while for antidepressants to work and to find ones that suit you with minimal side effects.
It sounds as though you've tried mirtazapine, which I'm taking at night, with escitalopram in the morning.
Mirtazapine helps me sleep too.
I can suffer from anxiety on top of depression, I've not noticed many side effects, though identifying any on top of my illness can be difficult.
I hope this helps.

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