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I'm just being fobbed off

Sometimes you just need to let off steam...
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Re: I'm just being fobbed off

Postby softnoodles » Fri Nov 22, 2019 7:11 pm

I know what you mean before. I've been under the mh crisis team and they just keep saying tell us you're okay or we'll section you. Every single time. Then when I said okay I wont kill myself in the next few days, they said you can go now and I was just abandoned. There was no help.

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Re: I'm just being fobbed off

Postby julee » Fri Apr 17, 2020 2:45 am

I had a nervous breakdown through a significant trauma about 4 1/2 years ago now. I was put under the mental health team which first of all the first Psychiatrist just walked out of his job leaving me on lithium with no blood tests care or anything I had to wait nine months for another one who then came along and told me if I tried to commit suicide again she will discharge me as I’m not a child, obviously I told my Doctor Who rang them immediately and said we can play this one or two ways I will complain about her or you get her A psychiatrist next week. I have had nothing but trouble with him and all he does is asking the standard five sets of questions and doesn’t even listen to a word I’m saying. I was supposed to be referred for three years psychotherapy five years later I’ve heard nothing. He made numerous mistakes So I put in a complaint which is not supposed to change your care and it did not only did he cut me off but so did my CPN and I have had no care in the mental health field for 18 months and I’m supposed to be supervised at all times due to having major resistant depressive disorder and chronic anxiety disorder and PTSD.With the neglect of care I accidentally took a zopiclone one day instead of her Lorazepam and felt it really helped my anxiety so I started using that instead and as I have a chronic sleep condition i.e. I sleep far too much he’s had a stimulating effect where they were keeping me awake but obviously I started to realise the tolerance I was becoming dependent on them. So I went to my GP to my horror basically called me a drug out it was very very unsympathetic cancelled all my Sleeping appointments that even left me so long I developed an eating disorder she cancelled that she cancelled everything. Then sent me to a clinic who didn’t have a clue what they were doing not a clue and she will not help me with anything, I’m supposed to have this mental health nurse at the surgery to who spends 45 minutes a month with me yeah this is only ever been 10 minutes just telling me the same as what my doctor said. I am completely abandoned and left to die basically as I have what’s called the silent killer depression and I slit my wrists last week as obviously I’m not coping at all. I just wondered if anybody had any advice of how to get off the zopiclone and also if they knew of any private psychiatrist who were good in the Leicester area as I’m obviously not going to get anywhere at all on the NHS they have caused me more distress and more rejection in the five years they’re supposed to be in the professionals that we are helping me, they haven’t followed any of the guidelines and when you complain they just say things like I’m sorry you felt that way which is neither an acknowledgement or an apology and my complaints have had to go to an odbusman as a complaint is supposed to solve something not get your care cut off I rang Pals about this which is what you’re supposed to do and they were interested either. And as for the Crisis Team the NHS would save a hell of a lot of money if they didn’t have them for starters as they do absolutely nothing to help you nothing. Is anybody else having the same experiences as me? As a mental health care in this country is diabolical and now they’re just talking about peoples well-being to the coronavirus I’ve been isolated for a mental health nurse with no help for nearly 4 years and I’m isolating alone again without even a visitor being able to see me and they haven’t even checked on me yeah I’m down as a vulnerable adult. As I have resistant depression no SSRIs or any antidepressants work for me even including mood stabilisers lithium CBT talking therapies that I’ve had privately. Unfortunately I’m asleep most of the time as they won’t even acknowledge the fact that I have got a form of hypersomnia a bit like narcolepsy and so is my brother so he gave me some of his tablets and it’s a life changer for me But they won’t listen to me. For PTSD my cousin got a therapy called a EDMR On the NHS I applied for exactly the same thing and was declined thanks to my doctors help. I feel like I’m just deteriorating more and more and more and I won’t be alive by the end of the month or definitely without fail the end of the year even though they know this and I’ve known it for ages I’m at the end of my tether and I just don’t know what to do or where to turn to next I appreciate Any comments to help whatsoever many thanks

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Re: I'm just being fobbed off

Postby prycejosh1987 » Sun Jul 19, 2020 6:30 pm

softnoodles wrote:I know what you mean before. I've been under the mh crisis team and they just keep saying tell us you're okay or we'll section you. Every single time. Then when I said okay I wont kill myself in the next few days, they said you can go now and I was just abandoned. There was no help.

Sorry to hear that, My MH team was very supportive. They stayed with me longer then they was supposed to, they confessed that they like talking to me. I got 6 years free bus pass out of it, so i am not complaining. I doubt that that happened as you said i think it was a misunderstanding. Try again and tell them of your thoughts, they will change your team if they need to.

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