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Fresh air

Being outdoors...
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Re: Fresh air

Postby christabel » Fri Jun 30, 2017 9:48 pm

Hi Sheila and welcome back Deb.

I don't know how your weather has been but we have had rain for last three days and the plants are all bedraggled and weighted down. We were getting lovely flowers as well but the petals on the roses etc have fallen.

Better day tomorrow but I think it will take quite a few sunny days to dry it out again. The rain has made all my joints ache too.

I'm pleased work is going well. How did your school interview go?

Are you still working Deb?

Best wishes. Chris xxx

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Re: Fresh air

Postby gabry » Sat Jul 01, 2017 8:40 am

Hi Chris, Deb & all,
It's been raining here for about 3 days, too. A few bees have appeared today now it's dry. I've just finished the morning shift & sat here with a much needed cuppa! I got the school cleaning job, pending dbs, refs & medical (one of those online ones with strange questions lol) I was really anxious about the medical but I figure I've been honest about everything so if the offer is withdrawn I can cross working with vulnerable people off my job hunting list. Meditation, mindfulness & tai chi (& Him) helped me ride the anxiety out. I think I'll keep on applying for jobs, it'll keep my mind from fretting while waiting if all's good to go.
I'm still getting blanked by a couple of women at work, but I figure I'm too old for mind games. I do feel intimidated, but I think I coped well this morning. Just got on with it really.
Sadly, a blackbird fledgling flew into my clothesline yesterday and didn't survive. It made me quite tearful as I usually take the line down when not in use. Poor thing. At least there are lots of others around.
I had a lovely surprise when I was weeding my pots over the weekend. Do you remember I told you about the little holly plant I pulled from a churchyard wall? Well, that's doing great as a bonsai (with resident ladybird). From the same soil a rose is growing. I think it might be a dogrose so I've potted it up and am tending it lovingly!
I heard it's going to be warm again this week, I hope it gives you relief from those aching joints - it must make it difficult getting about.
I'm not doing much today, going back to bed shortly for a few hours.
Do you like gardening Deb?
Sheila x

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Re: Fresh air

Postby christabel » Sat Jul 01, 2017 1:44 pm

What an early bird you are Sheila on a weekend. Back from work and well earned cuppa. You know you get allsorts of people no matter where you work so don't let anyone put you off.
You are doing no harm and if you are a little quiet or whatever that is just who you are. I rather have that than a loud mouth.
I found it very informative being the quiet one who doesn't really drink much etc. The things you find out what people actually like when alcohol loosens their tongue.

We have blue sky and Sun today. At last. We are trying to tidy the garden back up. Everything that we planted seems to have a good hold now. I think with the work that was already done before we moved in and our little contribution in a year or so we are going to have one of the nicest gardens in the area.

We haven't a wall or fence to grow anything up like you must have. Honeysuckle are lovely, gorgeous scent. It sounds a lovely place to sit. Your terrace. You've managed to get loads of different plants in. Do you like to watch tv gardening? MontyDon?

It's a shame about birds. But it Is just nature. The bird love the birdbath in the garden but the neighbours cat like to get a drink from it also. And catch the birds if he can. He is lovely and very nosey. I would not want to hurt anything. He does get chased now and then.

Well I had better get back to it. A cuppa sounds a good idea though and I bet hubby would not refuse.

Have a nice weekend. Good cycling weather.

Take care. Xxx Chris

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Re: Fresh air

Postby braveheart » Sun Jul 02, 2017 6:32 pm

i like getting fresh air esp in the morning,

i go to a cafe near me at about 11am and sit outside with friends and have a latte, its nice.

sometime i feel sick with my meds and the fresh air is a good curer lol.

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Re: Fresh air

Postby gabry » Mon Jul 03, 2017 12:40 pm

Hi braveheart,
I go to a small cafe in the local park sometimes and have a cappucino (prob spelled that wrong lol). It's a nice bike ride (about a mile), though I find that like you, a bus ride, a walk or just sitting outside is really relaxing and peaceful.
It's lovely you have friends to talk to, as well. It's nice to just spend some time in company just chilling. I tend to prefer my own company, just how I am, but sometimes meet up with a casual friend for a chat.
Welcome to the forum, too. I hope you keep posting there's some lovely people on here, very supportive.
Gabry x

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Re: Fresh air

Postby deb1960 » Thu Jul 06, 2017 7:34 pm

Hi to Chris and everyone,

Welcome to the forum Braveheart. I don't come on it often but I want to keep in touch and tbh I never get a day where I don't get some symptoms so I know I'll always need it.

Sheila, I don't like gardening and yet I love a beautiful garden. Because we are very small spenders we indulge in the luxury of a gardener to mow the grass and do the weeding. We manage to keep the flowers we have alive and it does look nice. I'm a bit jealous of anyone who likes gardening. I would love to like it but actually my mood really suffers when I try as I dislike it so much and my mind becomes more and more negative.

I am still working for eight hours a week as a cleaner in Poundworld. It's ideal as it's just 8am til 10am four mornings a week. If I feel rubbish in my head and don't want to be there then I know that I haven't got long to go. Also I am better if I get up and out early.

Take care everyone.
Deb x

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Re: Fresh air

Postby christabel » Sat Jul 08, 2017 9:26 pm

Hi all. How are you doing? Good to hear from you deb and braveheart. Please things are going ok.

How are you Sheila? Hope your weekends good.

I will hopefully be getting lots of fresh air as we are having a few days away. Have managed to get more organised today as I need to know I'm in control of things and not rushing last minute. I do find it daunting but am pushing myself to get hubby away for a break.

Will fill you in when I return if I don't have time to come on.

Take care xxx Chris

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Re: Fresh air

Postby christabel » Wed Jul 19, 2017 9:09 pm

Well I managed our time away. Proud of myself as coach travelling can be a worry for me.

Tried to get out in to fresh air as much as possible. River walks and parks etc. Not keen on crowds and it being hot.

My feet were ok thank goodness. We enjoyed it which I'm pleased for for hubby. In a way I'm relieved it over. Can't help it if I find it difficult but managed without calmy down tablets.

How have you been Sheila? How's the garden and cycling?

Take care. X Chris

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Re: Fresh air

Postby gabry » Thu Jul 20, 2017 5:50 pm

Hi Chris,
I'm glad u enjoyed your time away despite the difficulties, a break from the usual can be a really good thing.
The garden's not doing very well at the mo', some plants have died - jasmine, borage & forget-me-nots. I think I got the soil/sand mix wrong - too much sand so the soil retains too much water & the roots rot. I spotted a strange bee/wasp on the sunflowers the other day & I've been trying to identify it. If I see it again I'll get a pic & send it too the Bee group thing I've joined online (Conservation Trust? I forgot...duh!)
I've got some willow fencing to give us a bit more privacy but will get my son to help me put it up - he's home for a week in a fortnight.
Work at the shop is going well, the others are much more friendly now. I'm covering for hols this week so it's really tiring & I'm having probs getting to sleep, but Coke seems to be the problem. I'm sleeping better since I stopped drinking it.
I've been cycling everywhere, but I'm so tired I'm going to get a monthly bus ticket and take it easy for a while.
I'm still awaiting my enhanced DBS so I can start cleaning at the school. I have the occ health assessment next week. It's face to face, which is much better than a phone assessment. If all goes well, I hope to start work within the month. I've also got the chance of a few hours weekly domestic cleaning thru an agency. I'll be able to come off benefits then & claim tax credits.
My cpn is scaling back her visits, so things are looking very positive.
I've a few worries which I can't do much about so I'm trying not to dwell on them. My ESA is being reassessed - I got the form filled in this week, my CPN will do a supporting letter and send it off for me this week.
I've started an online IT course which is pretty flexible, I think I'll enjoy that.
I've been in bed most of today (got a cold as well - woe is me lol) and slept really deeply.

Take care,
Sheila x

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Re: Fresh air

Postby richardsalvo » Fri Jul 21, 2017 2:57 pm

Sometimes we need fresh air in order to free ourselves from stress.

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