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need space & air!

Being outdoors...
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need space & air!

Postby Lilac1 » Wed Oct 29, 2014 6:19 pm

I thought I would post in this forum today, the thought of writing in the others filled me with initial claustrophobia! strange but true, just a fleeting feeling....I hope!
This last few days, I've been experiencing an intense feeling of being either watched/or that something or someone is with me (it's hard to describe), like it feels a third eye is present? Yesterday was the worst day so far. I only sleep 3 - 3.5 hours max, when I do go off, the rest of the time is restless, & I have been having lucid/ erratic & very vivid dreams. Why it was so bad yesterday, is cause the morning before, I was coming through the restless night, & I opened my eyes, to look at the window I see every morning, but a face was there, of a little girl? The face was quite big, & I did genuinely take a quick second glance, to see it gone? If I tried, I could draw it. I have history of hallucinations in the past, both auditory & visual, & see faces standing out, but now, I just don't know what to think? was it spiritual or am I falling ill? I know I have a lot going on at present, I just can't shake this off..... :?

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Re: need space & air!

Postby indigomoon » Sat Nov 01, 2014 12:04 am

Hi I have some of these things happen when I have high anxiety levels because of stress it also causes paranoia ..I get like i can hear a radio on low either music or talking that makes no sense whatsoever ..if I relax and focus my attention on something it dissapears my therapist says its anxiety ..if seen the odd thing that I know isn't really there I also get the feeling like someone is with me like a spooked feeling .... I'm not on meds I have depression and an eating disorder ..apparently in my case I'm projecting unwanted thoughts fears and feelings outside of myself when I see things and the noises I hear are to distract from my thoughts does make sense now but for years it terrified me thinking I was going crazy it took me 2 years to tell my therapist... Have you ever talked to anyone about it

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Re: need space & air!

Postby Lilac1 » Sun Nov 09, 2014 12:07 am

Hi Indigomoon

Thanx for u'r reply, I do get the anxiety, & have similar experiences like u... I also have seen, what I believe to be spirits, and have had paranormal activity going on around me, I believe I was relatively well, although 1 of the last visuals was not pleasant, & I was in a highly stressful situation', but like the 1 mentioned, I could draw all things I've seen. The mind is crazy. I experience 'whispers/whispering' & have done for years now, & the faces I see are generally devilish. One of my worse psychotic episodes in hospital, all corners represented teeth & a belief I was changing into a werewolf, the word EVIL scratched in my forearm backwards, & writing dark things in red ink in double writing.
Sounds like madness as I type this, so I must be relatively well, lol?! :?
I guess I have some anxiety provoking situ's at present, 2 being that of DWP & assessments, enough to make u feel ill eh? Fed up with all the uncertainty it all brings, continuous assessments, form filling! just wana be left alone :x Arrrrgh!
I've never spoke about any other experiences I have had since hospital. I'm still figuring out whether I like or trust my G.P, even though 'apparently he is my G.P' I had been seeing a lady G.P, but she left :( I feel he is quite dismissive & he looks at me strangely if I am talking.
Cheers for sharing your experiences....


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