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this gardens lonley!

Being outdoors...
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this gardens lonley!

Postby kasskaa11 » Wed Feb 08, 2012 1:24 pm

am i the only one who ever visits this garden?

maybe as the weather gets better ill have some company???

going to my old house today to uplift some shrubs n trees n bring em back here, thats if i can get the spade thru the frost!

xoxoxo annie

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Re: this gardens lonley!

Postby Sanex » Fri Jul 27, 2012 8:48 pm

HI I don't much like spending time in the garden but as you say perhaps now the weather is better? Maybe gardens are a time or opporunity to spend some time quietly certainly round where I live people have small gardens and don't spend much time in them. To me it is a pain all the time having to cut the grass but if not for that maybe I would not get out much at all? I hope you spend enjoyable time in your garden sunbathing or reading or tending the flowers. I would love to get out in the garden more and maybe I could make a litle effort and not worry about prying eyes and spend a little more time in my garden like you?

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i luv the garden

Postby dumbmum » Tue Aug 07, 2012 2:11 pm

:D the garden makes me smile when its all tidy and the wash is out on the line and the dogs are out enjoying playing together with their toys,they are 3 white jack russell boys rori is the boss and the golden boy he's 9yrs old on sept 17th hes handsome but forgets hes getting old,then theres dougie dementia hes as round as a pound what a character hes 11 yrs on may the 17th hes so demented at this time off the year hes allergic to grass but rolls in it at gets all covered in rashes,he gets called dougie dementia cos he forgets when hes just been fed or where he lives and then theres the times he growls and barks at his own paws when theyre holing down his bones,then our baby boy brody hes 2yrs old 3 on the 17th of july hes fit as a fiddle full off moans and growns loves to push the boundries and full of love for me sometimes i catch him looking at me as if he loves me for who i am,i love going into the garden and read a book rori will be on my lap,dougie will be under the seat and brody marches around the garden as if hes my body guard watching out for any undesirables. 8-)

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Re: this gardens lonley!

Postby Cardiff » Fri Aug 10, 2012 2:59 am

loved your doggie tales
more please! :) xx

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Re: this gardens lonley!

Postby dumbmum » Mon Aug 13, 2012 1:58 pm

:lol: we took the boys rori,dougie and brody up to the caravan for the weekend they love it up there they just have loads of fun running about after the wildlife too we found a large frog in the awning and it tried to get shelter so it went under one of the dogs blankets well dougie and his slow as a snail approach was expected he took a wee look sniffed it then went back too sleep,rori thought it was to play with like a ball and was all excited but we said no brody the pup of the boys screamed like a wee girl and ran and hid under the table so we put the wee slimey creature in a box and with the boys we set out to find it a home,we put it near a burn for water and natural hiding places i think brody was releaved the big sissy, dougie just wanted out for p ,and rori was in a mood with us cos he didnt get it for his play toy which he always thinks everything is for him spoilt or what?then i gave them their treets and they all fell asleep too much excitement for one day i think .

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