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Mental Health And Daycare Providers

Postby tazesani » Tue Aug 27, 2019 10:03 am

My daycare provider of 1 1/2 years called one morning to tell me she wasn't able to watch kids that day. When I was unable to reach her for a day and a half I went to her husbands work and was informed she was having stress related issues and in the hospital. When she contacted me after 3 days she informed she she had not slept for 3 days and was experiencing psychosis and was under alot if stress, but she was better now. I politely informed her my daughter would not be returning. I asked for a refund of the last week since I had to pay someone else for daycare And she did not notify me that she wasn't watching children the rest of that week, she refused and stated my contract states she gets a paid vacation and ibhave to give her a 2 week notice and suggested I bring my daughter back and would get a week unpaid to make up for the difference. However, in this case I am VERY concerned for my child and others children as she is clearly not mentally healthy. Over the past 1 1/2 years I have noticed alot of memory difficulties and possibly early signs of dementia and have always vowed to discontinue my service with her if anything serious happened. Was I in the right? And should i expect to get a refund? I have been a food parent and the other 3 parents have only been with her for less than a few months and all decided to stay.

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