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west-mids - hands off my mayor ?

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west-mids - hands off my mayor ?

Postby sanepain » Wed May 03, 2017 10:23 am

west-mids - hands off my mayor 03.05.17

judgment day is calling

so up goes the defense

if you want crime rates to keep falling

stay away from graham is common sense.

we all no the underhand

west mids will want to poach

mr loose strategy is easy to understand

you play dirty and filthy like a cockroach.

keep everything simple

its a golden rule

11pm to 7pm for prostitution is ample

crack and heroin dealers will help fuel.

no more segregation

that will relieve your frown

bring it to its knees is mitigation

no divide unlike highgate to kentish town.

the words are now spoken

graham is our egg from a golden goose

a direct threat that legs will be broken

west-mids keep your eyes off our graham loose. or if you wanted to see what makes a great mayor you can read grahams ideas he had to make kentish great again on his website. or you can visit my channel on youtube here -

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