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highgate village poem - youtube channel

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highgate village poem - youtube channel

Postby sanepain » Tue May 02, 2017 9:34 am

highgate village poem - youtube channel 02.05.17

welcome to my channel
you are not here by chance
obviously been taken in by my flannel
lets hope on me your fixated and in a trance.
not a single clue
its one hell of a adventure
i prey its got longevity like chanel bleu
john lewis picked up early on my debenture.
down is the blue print
write and pc screen video
hand writing would spark a flint
the alba is covering poetry libido.
uploaded to youtube
by this time hand shaking
holding it still on the screen cube
shows quenntin taratino job won't have taking.
got the link
below each poem i can post
now the world will sink
channel "highgate village poem" is a WMD no toast.

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