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amanda lamb - feetstuff ( youtube clip )

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amanda lamb - feetstuff ( youtube clip )

Postby sanepain » Tue May 02, 2017 12:01 am

amanda lamb - feetstuff 01.05.17

watching as normal
seen a opportunity i can skank
would writing bare footed be to formal
please ignore the alarm shouting crank.
i heed your peculiarities
its quite endearing and sweet
don't spell or give clarity
the days are gone of my sweaty feet.
i will be your boyfriend
hubby is now aware of others
if there is more you i will defend
i am the ugly one with verruca covers.
do you like hiking
you better not be like a snail
after a gentle massage is my liking
so sore is my in growing toenail.
this love is spreading
all based on lies and deceit
a little interruption as skin is shredding
hubbys back where is my athletes feet.
in tonight's bath i will rinse
clean thoroughly and get all the fluff
at 915am ready and waiting is no prince
amanda lamb i hope you enjoyed feetstuff.

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