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will these 3 storys close facebook ?

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will these 3 storys close facebook ?

Postby sanepain » Wed Apr 26, 2017 7:24 pm

3 from metro will close disgracebook 26.04.17
no way of on logging
mark may well applaud
but i got my own way of blogging
not ingenious but certainly fraud.
3 story s that appalled
made readers rage and cook
both driven and fueled
yet no question over disgracebook.
our planet is beautiful
but we are missing a trick
for the sake of all i am fearful
this disgraced book is a platform for the sick.
first we have a father and daughter
she s new to the planet
what possessed him to live slaughter
to the very last was the fame gannet.
on the same page
more doom with no escape
in sweden will be allot of rage
not from the 60 000 tuning in for live ???e.
the superparty is no sunshine
also online spreads this disease
drink drugs sex with no decline
to participate say yes please.
time is ticking
its like the titanic and a iceberg
doing it earlier would have been a justified kicking
time to close down mark zackerberg.

inspiration from - the best london news paper.

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