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Medication stops working

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Medication stops working

Postby mark321 » Thu Oct 14, 2021 6:32 am

I was prescribed mirtazapine over 3 years ago after suffering a meltdown.
My GP was fantastic at explaining my problems putting it down to a chemical imbalance in my brain and that the medication would help,I started on the lowest dose 15mg with no affect so was put on the highest dose of 45mg.
For the first 2 years everything went well,no silly dark thoughts and I was again enjoying life.
Then things started to change,life became more of a chore and I wasn't enjoying things I use to love and I was taken less care im my appearance.
My wife has tried to talk to me but what I feel isn't something that can be put down to a trigger or a specific thing.
I wish it was something along the lines of working about bills or my job,but they are the furthest things from my mind.
I tried to explain its like something that I cant change its either you try to cope and live with it or just give up,its not voices in my head but my own thoughts in the back of my mind telling me whats life got for me,thats when everything seems worthless and I'm going nowhere and to leave this life is the only way foward.....I'm blessed to have 3 great children which I can honestly say have kept me from doing any harm to myself but as time goes by things are just feeling worse,im hoping to find people with this same feelings who can help.

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