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Parent with PTSD

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Parent with PTSD

Postby joestone10 » Tue Apr 20, 2021 2:02 pm

Hello, I'm looking for any advice regarding some recent incidents with my mother. I'm her 23 year old daughter. My mother has 2 children, my sister and I, who she has raised for over 20 years as a single mother.
The issues started in the past 6 years due to her PTSD from the DV relationship with my farther. She'd been fine most of my life but since I turned 17/18 we noticed a change. After her speaking to us briefly she recalled incidents in the past concerning my farther of which we were unaware of. Since she started suffering with PTSD she seemed very distant, vacant when in conversation, sometimes mumbling to herself. Her behaviour has become somewhat erratic and my sister and I have become very concerned. We have been to her doctors before but whenever she's referred she avoids the appointments. Over the past 3 months she's struggled excessively and has been found twice passed out on the floor after taking too much of her medication. When we discuss the issues she avoids the topic and repeats the issues to the doctor that caused her PTSD - however she doesn't accept that there's anything wrong.
My sister is currently pregnant and I'm not living at home so the situation can feel very stressful and neither of us are sure how to navigate. Any advice would be very welcome - thanks.

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