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Want to help a friend - Enochlophobia?

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Want to help a friend - Enochlophobia?

Postby thewayitis » Sun Mar 21, 2021 11:29 pm


The thing why I am creating this post is that I want to help a friend.

Description of her problem:

She was pretty fine until last September, lived normal. Then the school started and she got a panic attack on the bus. Like some weird feeling, like something is gonna happen, panicked she is far from home and she doesn't know what to do.

After this event, she can't normaly go to large groups, shopping centers etc. She feels safe only at her home. It's not always like that, there are days that she can do things like go to shop and stuff but that is rare. She gets a feeling of anixety and she gets a feeling of "oh it's this really happening, am I really here?". It's really unpleasant for her.
She can't go back to school, she can't apply for some job, she can't start to work on her driving licence... She is just afraid what is gonna happen. Will she get that kind of attack or not. And I'm really worried about this.
Sometimes she also get some anixety feelings when she sleeps. Also after that all started, she has a lot of nightmares.

I've asked if something big happened when it all that started and she really doesn't know what could be the source of this problem.

She doesn't like to visit a therapist, because she doesn't really want to talk about this to some people she doesn't know and she doesn't even feel comfy with them.

I was searching a lot about this and this could be Enochlophobia?
Did anybody experienced something like this?
I really want to help her. What could she/we do?

Best regards

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