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Panic attack/anxitey

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Panic attack/anxitey

Postby mysteriousmat » Mon Jun 29, 2020 4:02 pm

Hi I been feeling very anxious last few days which lead me feel like I'm.loseing control on my life
I then get feeling of panic attack.then worry I should go to hosiptal to get checked out.then I get overwhelmed feeling to walk and keep walking going it will pass of.then after I'm left with anxitey and raceing heart and then worry again.looking on google has made my symptoms worse.i live alone which is hard when feeling this way.
I have few things on my mind at moment which think is not helping my anxitey.i have been experience ing balance problems and tremors and that's been worrying me as well .but just thought I would share my feeling on here.
I'm due make appointment for doctors just check theres northing else going.on
But anxitey can be so scary and overwhelming and what we currently dealing with in pandemic doesnt not help
Everything feels wrong at moment :o

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