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Zopiclone withdrawal

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Zopiclone withdrawal

Postby julee » Fri Apr 17, 2020 1:56 am

Four years ago due to a significant trauma I was placed to a mental health team who actually did nothing for me for four years. I put a complaint in and it is not supposed to change your care but it did and they cut me off when I should be on under a specialist at all times especially as I have major Resisting depressive disorder and chronic general anxiety disorder and PTSD, I also have a chronic sleeping condition. However they just abandoned me and I have now been left for nearly 2 years without any help therapy anything. I accidentally took as of the clone one day when I was having a panic attack for all the neglect of care I found it helped with my anxiety and kept taking it it then had a reverse effect and kept me awake which I enjoyed because I have a chronic sleep conditionAnd also I was getting night terrors from the PTSD. However after a while I was taking a significant amount so went to my GP for help. To my horror she cancelled all of my sleeping appointment I developed a sleeping disorder she cancelled that she cancelled everything I said nobody will see you or nobody will support you until you are off to sleeping pills and sent me to the clinic that was for alcoholics and didn’t have a clue what they were doing. I am desperately trying to get off the zopiclone but they are telling me not to buy off the Internet although it is becoming rarer and rarer you can get it because it’s not safe but then at the same time they’re telling me to take 20 a day or I could have a fit but they won’t prescribe them so which one is it I do. However I need to get off these things and I don’t know how nobody is supporting me in anyway I am completely alone through this coronavirus and I slit my wrists last week. I am supposed to be under a specialist at all times I don’t even have so much as her understanding GP she basically looked at me like I was some sort of drug addict she didn’t even know when she’s got a serious psychiatry background that these were addictive really? And she is being really awkward about everything. She put me to a mental health nurse that also works in the surgery I’ve had four appointments with them that was supposed to last 45 minutes and I’ve been in there 10 minutes and he’s just told me exactly the same thing as the doctors told me. I’ve wasted nearly 5 years I’m trying to get help from the mental health system in this country please have anybody got any ideas or does anybody know of any good private psychiatrist in the Leicester area or anything at all that you think may help I really appreciate it thank you

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