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Making a complaint against a doctor

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Making a complaint against a doctor

Postby vronnie » Tue Mar 31, 2020 1:13 pm

This is a bit if a long story (it could be longer if I'd given the whole account). I would be very interested if anyone has had a similar experience, receiving a blatantly untrue response against all logic and evidence, to a serious complaint. I'd be particularly interested in the involvement of Avon and Wilts. Mental Health (AWP).
I was under Oxford psychiatric services 1989-2011, no problems. I moved to Wiltshire and the supposed care of AWP, an appalling experience. I complained about a nurse then discovered, (suspicious, letters all avoided admitting the nurse was at all wrong), the manager appointed to oversee the investigation was the sister-in-law of that nurse. The chief executive wrote to me. Did she apologise? Say it wouldn't happen again? Promise disciplinary action? It was one long defence of the manager. She'd done nothing wrong, she had no influence on the investigation (she was overseeing it). Nothing I said or did made any difference.
I was, inevitably, put under cure-all-in-the-community (that's another story). In 2018 the excellent community consultant left. I was put under the intensive team in July. After fighting AWP for unredacted notes, I later found the new consultant was attending meetings on my case until discharge. My GP referred me again in October. I had had three bereavements in less than ten months; he was concerned about my safety. He is very experienced, excellent with patients suffering mental illness, and knows me well. The community nurses refused my requests for more support. It hit a crisis on Friday, 12th October. I was sectioned by Salisbury police and taken to Devizes as a place of safety. The next morning a Mental Health Act assessment was planned. This consultant was on call. She saw me, by chance, for the first time. She had made no attempt to see me previously. I'll cover essentials. She stopped the assessment when, answering the social worker's second question, I said more support had been refused me. This doctor turned on me and angrily declaring she was the new leader of the intensive team (I only then realised who she was), declared she had read my advance directive, I liked to make my own decisions so she was going to send me home to make my own decisions. No assessment, no consideration of risk, no nothing. Things got worse from there and my safety was ultimately put at risk.
Seeing my notes, I discovered this doctor covered up for no assessment, no discussion with me, by writing an imagined interchange between us under the heading of Mental Health Act assessment, then recorded that I left the room, and has ever since claimed I stopped that assessment. I had left after she'd ended the meeting in a very distressed state. The approved mental health practitioner went along with her, fully supporting her lies. She represented me as an inveterate attention-seeker, which explained my actions the day before. She even wrote it was (my emphasis) [/i] possible that I [i]maybe grieving but [/i]choosing a maladaptive way in order to [i]solicit support, in other words, I was cynically exploiting the deaths of three people I greatly loved in order to attract attention.
She challenged me to make a complaint against her. I did. The supposed investigation ignored everything I said in my complaint and substituted a totally fabricated version of events. I wrote a detailed, logically-argued criticism, based on the facts, the facts being what was clearly written, mainly by this doctor herself, in my notes. AWP did not answer, which I take as an admission they could not answer.
Later I filled in a concerns form on the GMC site. My GP said it would be flagged up if another complaint was made. The GMC, however, came back to me twice, each time asking for more information. I took trouble to ensure I was relying on logical argument based on the facts (my notes, relevant letters) avoiding mere statements of opinion or unsubstantiated claims. I could have coped if the GMC acknowledged the truth of what I said, but suggested that this one complaint was not enough to proceed. They actually said there was no case to answer, purporting to believe what she said. They even repeated her offensive comments about my family deaths, which really made me angry. If you start lying about events, then continue lying, your story is bound to be full of anomalies and inconsistencies. Her case is based purely on what she has decided to say, unsupported personal comment.
First encountering this doctor, I looked at her registration and found she was very inexperienced, particularly to be given a consultancy. I emailed my (very experienced) Oxford consultant of 17 years, pointing this out. In reply he said psychiatric consultants were in short supply, doctors were promoted who would not have been considered a while ago. I think this explains the response of both AWP and the GMC. I don't think either had any attention of proceeding against her. She was inexperienced in psychiatry and in her first months of her first consultancy in Devizes. The position is that, despite this and despite my clear EVIDENCE, she has presented the better case. You'd have to be terminally stupid to believe that woman's story.
This leaves me in despair. It labels me a patient who has made a vexatious complaint and has maliciously pursued an innocent doctor up to the GMC. In addition, where do I go if I need specialist care (I'd decided I'd never go to AWP even before this case)?

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