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help.going mad

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help.going mad

Postby raf74 » Fri Feb 14, 2020 1:18 pm

hi, i am 45 male and been suffering with depression and anxiety for a while now.i think it started about 17 years ago when I start to have panic attacks.since then has not been the same again.i notice a slow decline during the years.i start to worry about my health constantly and slowly I lost all the friends a had and left my job and eventually and up with no home.i was homeless and lucky was helped by a charity and given accommodation.things improved a bit but then they become worst with lots of panic attacks especially at nite,i was leaving on my own at the time in a flat and had no jobs was very frighted by this attacks that make me call the emergency service several times.i been having this attacks almost every nite for the past 17 years.
I eventually find I job and got in to a relationship for 7 years then we broke up and got in a new relationship and have a the past 4 years things have got worst for me mentally I star to avoid any stressful situation and contact with peoples, got in lots of debts and eventually left my job at the end of 2018.after that is gone worst, i barely go out end look after my self and have so many negative tough in my head.
the last month has gone really bad I lost lot of weight cannot sleep at all(as soon I close my eyes I jump and feel scared and out of breath) now cannot even sleep during the day the same happen all the time.all I do is tasing up and down the house all day, just cannot function and I am always afraid that something wrong with me really destroying,i am lucky I have supportive partner but it make me sad because cannot enjoy the time with our 2 years old daughter becouse cannot cope and go in the loft to stay on my own I started medication 7 days ago and waiting for Talking Therapie

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Re: help.going mad

Postby nirospoem » Fri Feb 14, 2020 3:38 pm

Hey, well done for reaching out. There are lots of clever people on this forum who will possibly help you more than me. Panic attacks are awful, I solved mine by a very simple thing, bit silly, so I won’t say what. Try in your therapy to ask for a coping mechanism when you feel it coming. Read as much in the internet as you can or hopefully someone on here can guide you. You are a proud Dad I bet! You have a supportive partner also. So you got two things to focus on when you start to make the small steps to recovery, which you will. Try (it’s hard) not to think you will never solve these problems, just take it bit by bit, inch by inch. I so wish you well, please take good care of yourself and I hope beautiful moments reach you soon. Go well :)

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