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Sudden persecutory delusions

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Sudden persecutory delusions

Postby someoneoutthere » Thu Feb 13, 2020 7:06 pm


I'm living with my partner in London. My partner is 37 yrs old and never had any mental issues in her life or her family. Last week we went on a skiing holiday in Poland with her work colleagues which was organized by her work and I've just tagged along. The whole ski trip was 5 days, we arrived on Thursday and left on Monday.

On Monday morning she woke up and was quite distressed. I quickly realized she wasn't sleeping whole night. She started going on about that the whole work trip was a farce and that everything everyone said was to test us and make fun of us. I disregarded it at first and we flew back to London that day and she was clearly not feeling well, couldn't sleep on the plane. At home she just went to sleep straight away. Next thing she woke me up at night and started telling me that our bank accounts have been compromised and that we need to change all our passwords. I calmed her down, showed that everything is fine and noone hacked our accounts.

She then insisted in the morning that she is OK and went to work. Turns out she spoke to her boss and told him that everyone is mocking her and does not respect her. She left early and I met her at home. We spoke at length about everything and that's when I realized she has delusions. She felt people from her work are tracking her, that they've entered our home, she was analyzing every single thing that was said during the work trip and trying to convince me it was all lies. She would just sit on the sofa and keep thinking, blinking, spinning in her own mind. I hoped that on Wednesday she would be better.

Wednesday morning I asked her some questions about her delusions and she continued believing them so I didn't let her go to work that day. We went to see the GP and this was a complete waste of time. She gave us 10 mins, asked if she's hearing or seeing things or has suicidal thoughts. Told us there's an emergency psychiatrist to call if I really need to and gave her 2 weeks sick notice. Gave us a referral for a blood test of some kind and told us that she referred us to some psychiatrist services (I didn't receive any confirmation of that). We left and I felt completely hopeless.

Wednesday evening she kept sitting on the sofa clearly thinking about something, eventually she started begging me to help her verify some things online that her boss said during the trip. To check if the prime minister of Finland is really a 34y woman, or whether Tulum is in the Yucatan peninsula. She would remember all these conversation details and keep going over and over them. I at first said no but eventually said OK hoping to help her disprove them. All that did is just make her confused, sort of admit that she's not well... We went to sleep for a while. The door rang, it was an uber driver bringing us some flowers from her work colleagues. Her first reaction was that it must be her boss sending her papers that she's fired. I showed her the flowers and gave her the postcard which everyone signed. She started reading it, slightly confused, I started crying, she said to me "Look they on purpose made mistakes, the word huggs is with two gs, don't you see they are mocking me". I just cried and we slept a bit more. She woke up 30 mins later seemingly slightly better, telling me she's feeling better. We made dinner, watched a movie and she was actually paying attention and interested in what's going on, asking questions. She spent half an hour cleaning the bathroom as she said it helps her to distract herself.

We went to bed and agreed to talk in the morning to see how she feels. I could tell she wasn't sleeping well and waking up a lot, a few times she was not in bed and looking out the window. I just asked her to come back to bed. I was thinking she probably just doesn't want to sleep that much because she slept during the day. In the morning she told me she was fine. I asked her about multiple of her delusions and she gave me all the right answers. She said she doesn't believe anyone was in our home, noone was mocking her and so on, I asked her to delete the antivirus she installed on her phone fearing spying and she agreed to do so. I really didn't want her to go to work, still didn't feel she's 100% right but she really wanted to and I agreed to let her do so. We went to work together on the London underground. We agreed she would only spend half a day and check in with me every few hours.

She wrote to me at 10 AM saying she's OK. Thirty minutes later I got a call from her boss that she has handed in her resignation notice. I was shocked. I immediately went to meet her at her office. Turns out she was planning this from Wed evening, that she really wanted "for it all to end" and decided to lie to me.. I felt shattered. Not only she is delusional but is also capable to pretend her delusions are not real. We got back home and she told me she feels better. However her delusions persist. Now I'm worried that she could be lying to me about anything.

At this point I'm really struggling and don't know what to do. First I can't understand what might have caused this. In general her work is pretty stressful but this was a skiing holiday. She might have been stressed that I was there and her work colleagues do create a lot of drama but none of it is about her. Also few weeks before the skiing trip we came back from a backpacking trip in Laos which was quite physically exhausting and also she had food poisoning on last few days. I'm hoping perhaps this is just some sort of physical exhaustion or stress or both.

Should I just let her have a few more days at home and hope she gets better, look for some sort of improvement? Should I immediately seek private help or try to arrange scans.. I'm also thinking maybe to fly her back to Lithuania where we are originally from and sign her into a psychiatric hospital. My sister had depression issues and said they are very good there and would provide help much quicker. I just don't know what to do and GP was of no use.. I can't just wait 3 weeks for some appointment with someone who will probably again have only 15 mins to spare. She is also telling me she has a mild headache, I'm hoping to dear god it's not a tumor .. I do know she has increased heart rate due to her smart watch. We're trying a bit of meditation to see if that will help reduce her worrying. She's also asking me to change all our passwords and disable things like microphones on TV and phones. I'm not sure whether to let her do all these things if it's helpful or not. I've read that I should try offer a different perspective on some of her delusions to help her think differently. Sometimes I just don't know how to offer a different perspective to what she said. Especially when she thinks her phone is bugged or her watch is tracking her.. There's no way I can disprove that. I see no point in trying to convince her so all I'm left with is to just try to switch the conversation, but then she doesn't really want to talk about anything and just switches to spinning in her own mind until she has a new delusion to ask about.

My sister thinks that because this is so sudden it could be something neurological.. We did go to thermal baths on Sunday night in Poland and spent quite a few hours in thermal waters .. but that should help and not make you psychotic. Basically no idea what might have caused this.

Any advice appreciated,
Feeling helpless.

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