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Stuff that helps me lift my day.

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Stuff that helps me lift my day.

Postby nirospoem » Thu Feb 13, 2020 2:57 am

Best songs, movies, tv programme, activities, food, that help you lift you? I sort of have a little list, just to help me as much as possible :)

Songs: ‘Bang on the ear’ water boys, ‘Sweet child of mine’ Guns & roses. Most of the 80s stuff. I have a playlist for walks, different one for cleaning the flat etc

Movies: Muriels Weddiing, Snatch, Blues Brothers.
Tv Programme: The Good Doctor (Freddie Highmore), it’s exceptionally moving and it really inspires me. Anything about Art, Only Fools & Horses
Food: Fish of alsorts, peppers, omelette (I am a terrible cook, so easy stuff, but it helps)
Activities: Walking, press-ups, art galleries (always inspired when I visit the National Gallery), Latte out (Pret, Costs etc), drawing (I am hopeless at it)

Keep strong everyone, be beautiful to others and go well.

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