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Postby lunalady71 » Sun Feb 09, 2020 5:27 pm

Hi everyone. I've sought out this forum as I'm hoping there will be people that may be able to help me. I hope I may be of help to others too.

I was diagnosed with anxiety 5 years ago. I think it had been with me longer though. I'm the type of person that constantly apologies for fear of upsetting others, even if I haven't! I have been on medication in the past but currently not taking it. I feel as though sometimes I can control my anxiety, but now and again it seeps through. Sometimes something will trigger it and I'm still awake a silly o'clock trying to keep my mind busy to stop myself from thinking negative thoughts.

I think being part of this forum will help me deal with the way I feel and I know that I'm not alone.

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Re: Hello

Postby frankcfc » Mon Feb 10, 2020 10:49 pm

Hi , this is my first ever post on this forum, but I read ya post and could relate,, I also suffer with Anxiety among other things , I used to think that I could control my Anxiety and it was shown to me that when I felt like this was after I continued to take my medication ,

So basically the medication was doing its job not me , if that makes sense , as soon as I stopped for a few days weeks ,, it came back , sometimes even worse

The reason I've joined this group is to also Feel abit normal with gettin to know others with similar problems as I have.


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Re: Hello

Postby rsxo » Fri Feb 14, 2020 10:09 pm

Hey lunalady, welcome to the forum! Yeah, several people here can definitely relate to how you're feeling, and it sounds like you've sought support from the GP as well which is great! I'd recommend sticking to the medication - it might not feel like it's doing much, but it helps to rebalance the neurochemicals which can help us feel less anxious :) I'd also recommend talking to the GP about counselling sessions if possible, as they are one of the best support services for anxiety! Lastly, there's plenty of other support out there - forums (like this!), Samaritans and 7 Cups of Tea as well if you need more direct support. We're all with you through this x

Also, welcome frank! Sorry that medication isn't working, I'd go back to the GP and explain what's happened. Some anxiety medication causes an initial increase in anxiety, before reducing it much more after a couple of weeks, so it might be a part of the treatment course and nothing to worry about. We're with you! x
RSxo <3

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