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I understand the dangers of carrying weapons

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I understand the dangers of carrying weapons

Postby stephen » Mon Dec 02, 2019 11:39 am

I have been researching this topic for years. I know that the English have very strong and negative feelings towards weapons carrying. They never want to talk to me because they assume I might be a criminal or part of the nasty dregs of society. (Some teenagers might carry a weapons because of fear, and they are not necessary part of the criminal world or associate themselves with gangs, but just fearful.) or they might not understand why I’m asking. I’m interested in the topic of weapon carrying.

I’m an inquirer into English society.

I’m strongly supportive of the UK’s weapons laws that keeps weapons off the streets.
I,myself, do not want people carrying weapons for self defence purposes. I believe that England and Wales is in fact safer without carrying weapons. If you give any reasons why It’s bad to carry a weapon, I heard it all before and I agree with all of them. To live in a society where weapons carrying is not the norm, would make me happy.

The police on self defence sprays like farbgel or stoppered and I emailed 280 police stations in different counties on their views about farbgel and most of them were sympathetic to what I wrote. They didn’t mock or make fun of me. They told me not to carry those sprays, which can make me have a false security. Just take a taxi home or stay on lighted streets and I wholeheartedly agree.

My grandmas dad told her that never have someone make fun of you or put you down.

If weapons carrying is in fact mentioned, like on anti carrying knife websites, there are questions asked about knife carrying, and there is a Q/A between two people, two girls actually. Girl 1: I want to carry a knife. Girl 2: What? Why? Girl 1: To protect myself. Girl 2: That’s wrong. I think the response was inappropriate and a bit rude. There is no sweetness, there. I feel like the response should have been Girl 1: I want to carry a knife. Girl 2: (sweet) Dearie, please why do you want to do this? It’s dangerous and you can get stabbed and killed.

I know people will have the element of surprise, and it can also led to rude responses but I believe being sweet will soothe the soul.

I had a man on a forum and I asked the question about why knife carrying in self defence is a bad idea. He told me if you carry a knife and put in the open, a person will jump me and attack me and that’s it’s best to just run away.

His response has shocked me and I feel difficult to move on from his answer even he was trying to be helpful, and to make matters worse, when ever I think of good things about England now I think of a man who is always stalking me. Whenever I cross a street in London or anywhere in England in my mind, the man always follows me, I want him gone!

When I think about knifes or drunken behaviour, the man is never there.

One of most beautiful things, a English police has said me is: He told me not to worry about carrying knifes, and that in fact that he didn’t carry a knife. He told me to come and enjoy England, not worry about carrying a knife and that it was peaceful.

The English people are Not very violent. As long as you don’t start an argument, you don’t have to worry about an injury.

I told one person that people don’t want to talk to me and he told me:Yeah i know that feeling mate but we all can be heard mate just need to do it right.

Please be nice to me and perhaps soothe me. Tell me your thoughts.

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