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My thoughts are getting worse

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My thoughts are getting worse

Postby bobby23 » Wed Oct 23, 2019 7:36 am

I’m having so much trouble in my life right now. I’m trying to be positive but all i can think about is how much worse my situation is going to get. The problems are work related but this is going to end up affecting my whole family and the few friends i do have. My partner is the best thing in my life but he’s not going to be able to cope if things go wrong and i wouldn’t blame him either. Being with me is pointless. I can’t see a way out. I’m seeing my GP tomorrow but there’s so little he’ll be able to do. I think it’ll be easier if i just walked away from everything. Everyone would be happier without me being here. I’m an absolute waste of space. I’ve tried thinking better thoughts but the bad ones are overwhelming me now. I’ve got a lot of difficult times ahead of me, difficult decisions to make but i’m just not strong enough anymore.

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Re: My thoughts are getting worse

Postby rsxo » Fri Oct 25, 2019 7:27 pm

Hey :)

Sorry to hear how you're feeling. Sounds like you appreciate your partner, family and friends a lot, and it's good to see that you know that this stress is work-related. Although people will advise you to keep work stress separate from home or social life, it's harder to do this in practice. Is the work stress something you can do something about, or is it simply part of the job? If there's something you can do about it, I'd speak to those at work who can help you do so. If not, then it's a case of how best to manage your emotions and stress so that you can continue to be a good friend, partner and member of the family :)

Much love <3
RSxo <3

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Re: My thoughts are getting worse

Postby wewillgetbetter » Fri Nov 01, 2019 4:55 pm

The fact i'm replying to this means you aren't a waist of space. I relate to you on a level not many people can and I know how rough and scary it is right now and how much you feel so crap. But remember whats in your head, your anxieties and worries aren't fact no matter how much they feel like they are. I'm sure like me you have a vivid imagination right? Remember a time in the past maybe before a job interview or an important meeting at work or a presentation at school or the results of an exam? Remember vividly imagining all the ways it would or could go wrong? But did it ever work out exactly they way your brain told you it would? No because none of it was fact.

Life is seldom the same as what we imagine it to be and the scenarios we worry about never come to pass in the exact ways we worry about them. You are a incredibly strong person and you want to know why? Because you are on here reaching out for help and that takes a strong person to do that. No matter whats happening in your life right now remember no matter how hard that in a months time its not still going to be the same and no matter how trapped you feel there are always options.

Your family and friends are your best weapons to fight this and from what you've said about him so is your boyfriend. Let them know how you feel, talk to one of them, speak about your worries and let them carry you and take the weight of your feet for a while because you know what? Sometimes thats ok to do. We will get through this together, we will get you into a better job, we will get you into a better position in life and we will get better. Feelings and thoughts are fleeting you don't feel or think the same way you did when you were 5 or 10 or 15 so you won't think or feel like this in another months, two months, three months from now. Sending you so much love and support. You've got this.

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