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Cut off from all support

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Cut off from all support

Postby ladymccartney4 » Sun Aug 04, 2019 2:33 pm

I have a long and complex history of mental illness which is too long to get into here but my psychiatrist said that I will no longer have any kind of talking therapy or medication. Months ago I was an inpatient in a therapeutic community, but I only lasted two days, I tried to get into their outreach program later but they expected me to jump through hoops and somehow prove myself worthy of their treatment. My psychiatrist therefore thinks that I have rejected the treatments I have been offered but for me that's not the case at all. They expect me to show commitment towards a program by first attending loads of one to one meetings before I'm being offered anything, but I can't possibly do that when I'm at my lowest and everything seems pointless.
I just can't believe that he is happy to leave me without any kind of support whatsoever given my multiple diagnoses of anxiety, depression and personality disorder. At the last minute and only at my request, he referred me to something called the Network, which is more like a social activity program than actual serious therapy, but tbh I don't really see the point, I already did that program years ago and there is nothing I enjoy doing anymore.
They just expect me to change on my own but I can't anymore.

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Re: Cut off from all support

Postby katyia » Sun Aug 04, 2019 10:48 pm

im so sorry to hear that, this has also happened to me
and lots of other people
alot of people are not even aware of their needs
let alone getting them met

are you able to claim PIP
so that you can pay for some therapy ?
and do you have a well being hub in the area
that does lower cost counselling ?

you could also make a complain about being discharged,
you could look for an advocate

its a hard fight I know

x x x

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Re: Cut off from all support

Postby ladymccartney4 » Fri Sep 06, 2019 6:21 pm

I havent met anyone else it has happened to, most people seem to recover with help or on their own, except me. I just want it to end if im honest.
i tried to claim pip but the form is a dossier asking all sorts of humiliating irrelevant questions, can you go to the loo on your own, can you eat on your own, etc. i was already rejected a few years ago, because the face to face assessment came down to, 'can you raise both arms?' which I did and that was it. thankfully i have enough universal credit to get by, just about.

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