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Question about “feeling normal”

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Question about “feeling normal”

Postby scottd » Sun Aug 04, 2019 9:24 am

Hi everyone,

I have suffered with anxiety and depression for about 20 years now and having attempted suicide a few times about 8 years ago I finally got some help through CBT. From there I’ve had some decent coping mechanisms to avoid falling back into any feelings of self harm but have still been really edgy in terms of my emotions; ie feeling depressed and especially anxious.

For a long time I have self medicated using alcohol, not too excessively, but drinking a couple of times a week.

Recently I quit drinking and started to take Setraline as my anxiety reached a peak. I was really, really struggling and decided that rather than make things worse I would get some tablets to help.

Generally I am up and down in terms of energy levels (sometimes you can’t shut me up other times you can’t get a word out of me) and these energy levels fluctuate throughout the day. My days are generally filled with panic (they’re talking about me when I’m out of the room, I’ve done something wrong, my partner is going to leave me, etc)

What I have noticed since taking my Setraline is that I don’t have these peaks and troughs in energy, not these detrimental thoughts. The latter is great but the former feels alien.

I feel almost ‘numb’. Maybe ‘level’ is a better word for it. My mood is consistent. I just wanted to know... is this how normal people feel day to day? It almost feels boring.

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Re: Question about “feeling normal”

Postby hyster » Sun Aug 04, 2019 11:46 am

i have been on Setraline for 7 weeks now, the only way i can think of describing how they effect me is : being drunk for 30 years then waking up 1 morning sober.

i feel relaxed, moods more positive which is confusing as im not used to it (so alien), crushing tiredness is gone, now its kinda normal tiredness, confidence has improved, basically a huge improvement. i dont actually feel like me its that different but in a good way.

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