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Just found you

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Just found you

Postby dizzy.miss.lizzy » Fri May 17, 2019 2:09 am

Hello everyone, :D I've just found you... and guess this is my chance to give an intro.
I'm 59 years old, I was born and raised in North London UK, now I live in Pembrokeshire in Wales.

I was widowed 3 years ago after being with my late Husband for 40 years, I'm Mother to 2 grown up Sons, one of which has Aspergers and is hyperkinetic in his thoughts, and has a history of attempting suicide (3 times at age 9 due to problems at school.... one of which was a gang of bullies put a rope round his neck and hung him from the playground slide just because he was "different"), and the other has adhd, depression, and is currently agoraphobic.
I also suffered 2 miscarriages, and they were both daughters. Genetic tests revealed my late Husband was a carrier of some complicated disorders, so that probably explains why. His Father and 2 sisters were persons of limited stature and his niece was born with a condition called Trisome 22.

My diagnosis so far has included Adult ADHD, Complex PTSD, Depression, General and Social Anxieties (which for last 5 weeks has included agoraphobia) I have OCD from time to time, and although not yet diagnosed it yet I suspect I may also be BPD too. I suffer severe panic attacks, have disordered thinking now and again, had a few hallucinations, get chronic insomnia, I get self harm feelings and habits, I have a history of wanting to and actually taking OD's (2), and I've a history of abusing alcahol and painrelief meds.

I found London life did me no favours when I lived there 15 years ago, and a chance conversation with my Community Psychiatric Nurse led me to try living on the coast of a rural part of Wales. The upside is it's beautiful here, stunning views, amazing castles to explore and beaches to visit, lots of places to go which calm, heal and restore ones' stresses and heartaches... but the downside is mental health services are almost non existant, 3 visits recently to a&e via ambulance for chest pains and feeling unsafe to be left by myself recently haven't resulted in referral on to any form of proper support, and I've had to seek counselling via a charity which I can't start till July due to waiting lists. Best NHS have offered me here is a medical social worker and she's only seen me the once, for less than an hour so who knows what might be on offer when she returns.

What keeps me going through all of this is my love of music. I have taught myself to play harps.

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Re: Just found you

Postby bluebell123 » Fri May 17, 2019 3:21 pm

Hi dizzymisslizzy, welcom to forum, used to live by the coast many years ago. Found sitting in a cafe by beach when the weather bad and lots of white water and rough sea was very stress relieving. Mental health services don't seem to be what they were years ago. Was admitted for only relatively anxiety, but most recently wasn't admitted despite 3 suicide attempts. Hope you get to know us all, lots of posts to read through, atb regards Aisling

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Re: Just found you

Postby rsxo » Fri May 17, 2019 9:40 pm

RSxo <3

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Re: Just found you

Postby dizzy.miss.lizzy » Sat May 18, 2019 3:46 am

thank you both for the welcomes, much appreciated.

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