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She cheated and lied

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She cheated and lied

Postby nonny » Thu Mar 21, 2019 12:43 am

So here’s the deal. This married couple I know got divorced in August/September 2017. I see the wife hanging around with this other guy. It seemed a bit strange as to why they were getting divorced as nothing I’d seen until that point suggested anything was going on.

Months go on and I see the divorced couple spending more time together. Just after Christmas I find out she’s pregnant. I assume the husband is the father as they seemed to be getting back together, but a strange inkling tells me that other guy could have been. I ask her “Is [your husband] the father?” and she goes “yeah, after all that”.

May 2018 the baby is born, the couple are assumingly together until about 4 or 5 months ago. Then she starts bad-mouthing her husband. I notice on her instagram there are pictures full of comments about narcissists, and I wonder if they are directed at him. Then in early December-ish I find out the truth. That other guy she was hanging around with comes up as a recommended friend on facebook. His profile pic is him and the woman’s baby. I go on his profile and there are more. It seems peculiar that the baby looks just like hers AND has the same name (an unusual one too). I then go on the husband’s profile. No pics of the baby on there. Just their two other kids they have.

She says they still talk to each other because of their kids, which is understandable. But they are no longer facebook friends. The thing is, she’s being hypocritical by talking cr@p about her husband when she’s the one who went and cheated on him, not the other way round. Had the roles been reversed, he would have had an angry mob come after him. I may sound anti-feminist here, but women aren’t exactly saints. Women can cheat too.

Also, she lied to me about who the father of her baby was, and likely lied to other people too. I don’t support cheating, particulary as they were married. The problem is I’m scared to say/do anything because we have mutual friends and if I say/do anything to her that might affect my other friendships.

Me and the husband got on well. He is a very talented actor, always getting lead parts. We are increasingly lacking in male performers and we need our former leading man back. However, because of HER I’ll probably never get to work with him on anything again. Think of other people who enjoyed working with him, who will also never get to work with him again.

He has a very good job which involves saving people’s lives. While he goes out there to help people, she sits around taking selfies and adding five million filters onto them as if she were a teenage girl. She is 37. What’s more important: making yourself look good with the help of an app, or going out of your way to help save lives? As far as I know, she doesn’t work, so now that she’s ruined her relationship, God knows how she is managing to live in a house she can barely afford and fit five kids (all from four different relationships) in.

Think of their children. Their son at the time was one year old. You can’t exactly say “Mummy and Daddy won’t be able to spent equal time with you anymore because Mummy is a slut” to a one-year-old, can you?

She’s otherwise a nice person (except when she bad-mouths him), but I wish she hadn’t done what she did and it will be a VERY Long time before I forgive her if I ever do.

I hope she’s happy.

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Re: She cheated and lied

Postby elpis777 » Mon Apr 22, 2019 4:25 am

Their relationship isn't your concern though is it?

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