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Depressed and angry partner

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Depressed and angry partner

Postby claytmum » Thu Feb 14, 2019 10:20 am


So long story but my husband has been depressed for around two years he thinks. A year ago he went to the GP and started antidepressants and has tried three different types now over a year and doesn’t get on with any of them so far. He has now has his third therapy private session, as I want his mood to get better so thought we would try that.

However, he is so angry, he’s got no tolerance levels and snaps at things that ‘normal’ people wouldn’t. Our 8 year old daughter can be hard work but he can’t handle her attitude sometimes and will get aggressive and in her face ( but never actual hurt her). We’ve also got a 3 year old and I feel it’s a toxic environment but don’t want to leave him on his own in this very depressed place without my support but also I feel like all 3 of us could do with a break away from him and we just argue lately. We have good days and bad days but more of the bad.

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Re: Depressed and angry partner

Postby benji » Mon Feb 18, 2019 2:05 am

Hi there,
I'd recommend couples therapy maybe? I think your husband can see that he's getting angry and lashing out for little reason and hates himself for it. While at the same time not seeing how things have been through your point of view. I believe couples therapy would allow you to both communicate in a structured way.

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