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Keep losing jobs

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Keep losing jobs

Postby dan1986 » Thu Feb 14, 2019 12:47 am

Hi there, i’m new to this group.

For the last few years on and off have been feeling low. Because of how low I feel and because of my low self worth I lash out at people around me when they criticise me. This includes family, partners, colleagues and friends. Because of my attitude I find it difficult to stay in jobs. I always start off well in a new job, quickly make friends, and ingratiate myself with my colleagues. Then after a while, something happens, I turn low again, I become more negative, talk negatively about myself and people around me. This seems to have a negative affect on those around me. I also can get aggressive if I feel that people are being critical towards me, although sometimes they can just be giving me some feedback about my work which wasn’t meant in a bad way. I take it to heart and get defensive as I feel it affects my self worth and stops my confidence improving. This then leads to colleagues and managers making complaints about me over my attitude. This then turns to disciplinaries, warnings and inevitably being sacked by the company. I then feel angry and negative towards the people who I feel have stabbed me in the back and betrayed me. I take then take that negativity into the next job with me and the same eventually happens again. I want to stop this never ending pattern repeating itself but don’t seem to be able to. I want to change but not sure if it’s even possible. Each time it drains my confidence that little bit more and I feel like I don’t want to live if I can’t have any self worth or be a responsible member of society. I have been taking anti-depressants which helped at first but then just got used to them and they just about keep me above ground.

Has there been others here that have had problems similar to the ones I mentioned?


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Re: Keep losing jobs

Postby susiewong13 » Sat Feb 16, 2019 12:01 pm

Hi dan1986. I'm sorry no one else has answered your post. I can relate as I'm struggling to get ready for work this very morning. I've lost jobs to redundancy and capability hearings and plain old discrimination. I'm sorry to hear you weren't supported in work. It's hard to know wether to dsclose MH or mood issues with workplace colleagues or managers or not. It my experience you can get some funny and uncomfortable or downright illegal reactions that can succeed in making u worse. I hope you are looking after yourself and don't let it make u feel unworthy or lower. Concentrate on u and feeling better perhaps some reading or try to learn a new small skill to feel that you will be that bit better for working on yourself 4 a bit. I know your worthy and the fact your on this forum asking for ideas or posting stuff is indication u won't give up trying so be gentle to yourself and I wish you well don't dwell on the bad work places or experiences but only briefly to think if there's any strategy you could use to not let history repeat. Take care

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