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Postby maryjane25 » Mon Jan 28, 2019 10:19 pm


I am a new member. I have been putting off posting as I wasn’t sure what to say. I am currently finding it hard to get on day by day. I struggle with depression and anxiety. It feels weird writing it, as I never thought or perhaps still think I have it and I know people will have a lot worse than me and for good reason. I don’t have a good reason to be sad and don’t deserve to be unhappy which makes me selfish. I often get angry at myself for feeling this way as I know I shouldn’t worry as much or think as much. But I can’t help it, I overthink the simplest of things which then stops me from doing them. I don’t have any friends as I like being on my own, if I have to go for a coffee with someone all I’m thinking is how can I get out of it or if I’m there where can I say I have to go so I can leave and get out of it. I have to study the menu before so I know what to get and even then I’m worried about how many calories, how much money, what will i then have for lunch if I have that. I don’t enjoy it and won’t enjoy it so there is no point in going. I am currently having cognitive behavioural therapy and I don’t get it, I don’t know how making me have a break for 10 minutes is going to help. I feel worse not better. When do I get better ?

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