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No help

Postby charlie123 » Mon Jan 14, 2019 12:22 pm

My niece was desperate on Saturday night she was very ill she had not eaten for 5 days not slept for 5 days and has not washed for a lot longer she hears voices all the time but lately 24 hours a day getting no rest from them she is convinced they are filling her body fill of worms fly cockroaches snails everything under the Sun the reason she has stopped eating is she is convinced they are putting them in her food i phoned the nhs111 line on Saturday evening at 8.30 after going through an assessment they said someone would be out in 1 hour no one came at ppm I phoned back and was told they knew about my niece but they were extremely busy but a doctor would be contacting her we waited and waited at 2.30 am 6 hours after my first call they told her they will let her g.P. know on Monday that she is in crisis thisnhelpline is a waste of time why could they just not say say that they were not going to give her help and advise her where she could get help or even suggest we take her to a and e it was disgusting the way she was treated

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