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Hi, I'm one of 3 sisters... all 3 schizophrenic

If you're concerned about, or care for, someone with mental illness
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Hi, I'm one of 3 sisters... all 3 schizophrenic

Postby three » Wed Jan 02, 2019 7:54 pm

I had schizophrenia since my early teens...
so did our middle sister...
after 12 years unremitting psychosis she was hit by a car and killed hitching to London in 2001 when she ran away from hospital after 2 years age 25
5 years later my own schizophrenia became ten times more severe and i was psychotic for 2 out of 3 years around the time i turned 30
Soon after that i got married and haven't had any significant illness for 12 years
Our youngest sibling is later stage alcoholic, psychotic for the last 5 years and will make her second court hearing against her for harassing a man who cyber stalks her. When drunk she emails him... she has broken a totally inappropriate court order against her
the police are in full agreement that he has stalked her and have heard that he raped her but the police focus of interest is in protecting the 'victim' Quite black and white.

my mum who is 75 and has i think been through
K. 5 years spent in psychosis
H. 12 years spent in psychosis
C. 5 years spent in first episode psychosis

22 years of dealing with one of her daughters' florid psychosis out of the 44 since i was born

this is really just one part of a litany of abuse and other significant diagnosable disorders etc.

my mum thinks she could not be more of a failure
she is beautiful and caring and amazing wonderful woman
yesterday i figured that it could be that it's genetic... her genes talking to her like they tell me i am one of the losers for not having any children (very much on purpose)

I think it's a bit tragic that she feels she has failed
She has been superhuman how can i make her realise?

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Re: Hi, I'm one of 3 sisters... all 3 schizophrenic

Postby robin71 » Thu Jan 03, 2019 10:45 pm

Hello 3
Sorry to read of your sad difficult lives. Yes your mum sounds amazing.

But don't tell her... Negative thoughs like "being a failure" are reinforced by reassurance, "They are only reassuring me because I must be a failure"

That is an over simplification, but I am leading on to ideas trom CBT where you try to learn news ways to think about things. Rather than confront the idea that she is a total failure, just focus on smaller successes and praise those. Because she is more likely to accept those. And you can think of lots of little examples. And kept telling her how proud you are.

Take care Robin

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