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Almost Christmas poem.

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Almost Christmas poem.

Postby emmac11 » Sun Dec 30, 2018 10:07 pm

Here's a Christmas poem I wrote about two dogs I follow on YouTube.
It's unusually upbeat for me. I've not actually posted a poem on a website before so here goes. Please treat me with kid gloves this time.

Almost Christmas

It was almost Christmas and Great Dane Ellie
Had love in her heart and food in her belly
Her little brother Mikey his eyes filled with glee
Eyed all the presents under the tree
Jack the cat lay curled up on the chaise longue
Purring along gently to old Christmas songs
Allie the calico cat loved her presents the most.
She was sharpening her claws on her new scratching post
Abbie the cat, the Grande Dame of Casa Bella
Was busy stockpiling cat nip the cellar
Mum resplendent in festive gear
Was thanking Youtubers for their presents this year
Dad was filming them all on the new iPhone 8
Thinking this new version isn’t that great
Ellie whose black coat sparkles and shines
Was wondering how many Jolly Balls she’d get this time
Mikey said, “Mum and Dad you must let me
Make sure these presents are safe for big sister Ellie.”
Jack said, “Mum really! You know the score!
Cats don’t open presents: that’s what Ellie and Mikey are for.”
Allie said, “Yes we are truly blessed:
At opening presents Ellie and Mikey are the best.”
Abbie was decorating her new hiding place
Decking it out with leather and lace
Mum said, “Abbie’s left no trace behind her.
I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t find her.”
Dad said, “Yes, it really is a mystery.
I thought she just wanted to keep her new hiding place hidden from Mikey.”
Ellie said, “Mikey let’s open a new bag of treats.
There’s so many wonderful things for us to eat.”
Mikey told Ellie with huge grin on his face,
“I’ve just found Abbie’s new hiding place!”
Jack was showing off his new Ontario Tartan Coat
“I do look fabulous but I’m not one to gloat.”
Allie said, “Yes Jack but I must concur:
No coat will ever look as good as my fur.”
Abbie draped tinsel over a new set of shelves
And thought, “I’ll let the kids fight this out amongst themselves.”
Mum said, “Kids you all look fantastic.
You’d look great if you were wrapped up in plastic.”
Dad sighed with relief, “Only one more video left to shoot.
My goodness Diane’s butt looks so cute.”
Ellie warned Mikey, “Although you’ve found Abbie’s new hiding place,
You mustn’t go in there, you must give Abbie her space.”
Mikey pleaded, “But I have so much fun with Abbie.
Please let me play with her, big sister Ellie.”
Jack said, “You heard Ellie; cats must be left alone
They must have their special places in a home.”
Allie laughed, “This is something I thought I’d never hear on Christmas Night!
Jack admitting that Ellie is right!”
Abbie flexed her claws which were all sharp and spikey
And thought triumphantly, “I’ve kept my new hiding place a secret from Mikey!”
Mum said, “The dogs have brought us so much joy
Ellie’s such a pretty girl and Mikey’s such a handsome boy.”
Dad agreed, “Yes they’re as sweet as milk and honey
This new iPhone 8 is not worth the money.”

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Re: Almost Christmas poem.

Postby deb1960 » Fri Jan 11, 2019 10:25 pm

That's a really cheery poem x

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